E-learning vs traditional learning- Which is better?

Nowadays, e-learning is favored by many people, as e-learning courses make all the information available with just one click of a button. Many students are choosing online degree courses rather than attending college campuses! Well, online courses may be cheaper, may be more informative, may be more interesting but can they replace teachers? Can they replace classrooms? Can they replace practical education?

Can e-courses replace teachers?

Teachers do not merely convey knowledge and information to students, as teaching is not simply about facts, figures, systems and textbook! A teacher develops thinking, provides ethics and transfers information to students. It is the teacher who makes student realizes the difference between right and wrong.
E-learning can be used as a reference, just like reference books. Students can seek help from e-courses. The internet hold oodles of information and this information can answer any question. Thus, students can take advantage of technology for improving their grades and eventually knowledge.

Potential of e-learning

E-learning facilitates the world class education to students living in different corners of the world. There are many countries in the world which lacks quality education. In such parts of the world e-courses can bring a huge change.
Many students are being bullied at school, which eventually affect the education of talented students. So, for such students e-courses are a great way of learning. Also, kids having disabilities and ailments can study with the help of online courses.

Why e-learning could never replace classroom training?

Classroom training offers unlimited options of learning. Classroom education is a systematic learning program which is designed for the development of students. When students come to the classroom, they not only get theoretical knowledge but also get to know about the practical application of that knowledge. In the classroom, students interact with teachers and other students, which develop social skills in them. It is the classroom, where a student can learn about surviving in the real world. One the other hand, e-learning could make them unsocial.

Thus, technology can never replace the teachers. However, teachers who use technology can perhaps replace teachers who don’t use technology.


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