Top 10 Most Wanted Jobs

There’s no denying the fact that the good pay related and high success guaranteed jobs find a place in the top 10 most wanted jobs. Given under are the roles that have a good future:

  1. Registered nurses

Registered nurses are the healthcare professionals who take care of the patients and educate them about their health conditions.


  1. Computer programmers

Computer programmers are the highly knowledgeable people who write codes that help in the creation of software programs that we use daily. They twist the program design that is initially created by software engineers and developers into a set of instructions that a computer can easily follow.


  1. Customer service representatives

Customer service representatives are the ones who interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They provide the important information to the new and the old customers about the products and services provided by to the company. They also take down the orders of the customers and cater to their complaints

  1. Security Engineer

Security engineer is a person who has his qualification in a specialized vertical of engineering that focuses on the security facet in the plan of systems. These are highly important for the system as they can deal vigorously with possible threat sources like malicious acts, virus, etc.


  1. QA Manager

A quality assurance manager or QA manager is specialized in the way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products. His work is also to avoid problems when delivering elucidation or services to customers.


  1. Database Administrator

A database administrator is a qualified IT professional who handles the installation, upgrading and configuring, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and security of the databases in an organization.


  1. Sales managers and representatives

Sales managers and representatives focus on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of the sales operations of a particular organization.


  1. Accountants

An accountant is a person who has well-grounded fundamentals of accounting. They deal with the disclosure, measure or stipulation of oath about the financial information that helps the managers, tax authorities and investors of tax to make a decision about the allocation of resources in a proper way.


  1. Software Architect

A software architect is a software specialist who makes sophisticated design choices and also dictates the technical standards that include software coding tools, platforms, and standards.


  1. Surgeon

In the medical field, a surgeon is a person who is a specialist in surgery for removal of a diseased tissue or organ.


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