4 Best affordable luxury cars 2015

Do you want to travel with style in a luxury car, but the price of car is too much for your budget? Weather you accept it as a truth or not; it is not a hard task to afford a luxury car. For the car lovers, who are willing to buy luxury cars, here are 4 best affordable luxury cars of 2015.

Budget friendly luxury cars

Purchasing an affordable luxury car is not as disheartening as much it sounds. The top 4 least pricey luxury cars of 2015 have enough range among them which can satisfy needs and requirements of a luxury car shopper. These cars will provide you all the perks from attractive exteriors to the well designed interiors like a luxury car and that too without looking obnoxious or tacky.

The least expensive luxury sedans!

#1: Hyundai Azera: The customary features of this car includes 3.3L V 6 293 hp engine, four wheel anti lock brakes, automatic transmission, 18 inch aluminum wheels, automatic air conditioning, ABS, cruise control and driveline grip control along with electronic stability. All this just in the price of 31,000.00 dollars

#2: Mercedes-Benz CLA Class: Mercedes the name itself is a luxury. And the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 is the best luxury car one can ever purchase without spending a lot of money. This Mercedes model has 2.0L I 4 208 hp intercooled turbo engine, four wheel anti lock brakes, seven speed auto shift manual transmission with overdrive, air conditioner, electronic stability, cruise control and 17 inch aluminum wheels along with Baby Smart airbag child seat sensor. Purchasing Mercedes Benz CLA will cost you nothing more than 29,900.00 dollars

#3: Audi A3: The Audi A3 with 1.8L I 4 170 hp intercooled turbo engine, 17 inch aluminum wheels, six speed auto shift manual transmission with overdrive, automatic air conditioning , airbag occupancy sensor is another luxury that one can get in the price of 29,900.00 dollars.

#4: Buick Regal: In the affordable price of 29,690.00 dollars you get to enjoy a lot of perks like 2.0L I 4 259 hp engine intercooled turbo, 18 inch aluminum wheels, four wheel anti-lock brakes etc if you buy the Buick Regal.


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