11 Things To Know About BMW Cars

BMW cars are loved by many and hated by almost none! There some of the facts about it which independent BMW repair shop would love to tell you, and we will too!

Top Facts About BMW Cars

  1. Logo

According to many, the BMW car’s logo is basically a propeller in a blue sky. This belief however is wrong. The BMW logo is based on a Bavarian flag. In a way, the logo is designed to pay tribute to the Bavarian flag or the German state of Bavaria. Any BMW worker or independent BMW service can confirm this fact for you!

  1. Airplanes

The BMW company originally founded airplanes for the WW1. Its specialty was making planes. Even now, according to the BMW repair specialists, they sometimes design airplanes or the trains or sometimes their insides.

  1. Treaty of Versailles

After the treaty of Versailles was signed, Germany was prohibited from creating any more war crafts or basically BMW was. Hence the journey of BMW cars began.

  1. BMW or BFW

BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke” however originally when it was founded, it was basically “BFW” or “Bayerische Flugzeugwerke”.

Many BMW independent service still sometimes refer to it as BFW but its been long lost since forever.

  1. Mercedes

According to BMW specialists, at one point BMW was on the verge of bankruptcy and Mercedes was on the way to claim it but then BMW found itself a private investor Quandt who up till now owns the major shares of the company.

  1. Dixi

Dixi was the first BMW car made. The minute it was launched, it created an uproar in the market. Even now, with every new invention of BMW, the people and the market experience a huge frenzy!

  1. Front Signature Grille

The front signature grille on BMW cars is basically called as the kidney grille. Because of this grille, the BMW cars can be recognized from extreme far away sites.

  1. Bimmers

In the U.S. BMW cars are referred to as bimmers. The reason up till now remains to be unknown or concealed. But the word ‘bimmers’ is highly shouted when a BMW car is seen driving by or through.

  1. Bat Mobile

The concept of bat mobile has been applied in the BMW CSL. Hence if you are one of those who are in love with sports cars then believe me when I say that this car is just the one for you!

  1. Four-Cylinder Engine

BMW was the first company to produce a four-cylinder engine. This is the main reason for their extensive fame. The same technology was adopted in the cars and look where they are now!

  1. Lamborghini

BMW was supposed to collaborate with the Italians and create a super sleek Lamborghini but as expected, it didn’t go as planned and the BMW specialists had to pack their bags. However, upon their return, they became even and created a “BMW M1” which in a way is BMW’s very own Lamborghini itself!


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