How lose weight by drinking water?

Water is a liquid without any calorie value. So drinking more water  along with usual food  is considered as a fat loss diet by doctor for weight loss.  But it makes an even bigger affect than one may think. As human body contains much water many doctors opine that drinking eight glasses of water a day can do many wonderful things like keep the tissues moist, flush out toxins, deliver nutrients to different organs prevents dehydration etc. According to a medical scientist even one percent of dehydration can lead to drop in the speed of metabolism and adversely affect weight loss efforts.

Step 1

Drink a lot of water every day before your meals. According to a study conducted in the year 2010 patients who  drank two cups of water before eating their meals have been found to loss 30 percent extra weight than those who did not drink enough water. This study diet for weight loss also ascertains that water suppresses appetite and gives a feeling of fullness, reducing the intake of food.

Step 2

It will be better if you drink two glasses of water when you feel hungry and feel like eating some snacks. The scientists say that human body has no capacity to distinguish between hunger and thirst. So when a drink can satisfy your hunger why don’t you go for it without going for a calorie rich food? If you still feel hungry after drinking water, then you can go ahead and eat something solid. But try to limit its calorie value between 100 and 200.

Step 3

Keep an account of your daily calorie intake and water consumption when you are on a diet for weight loss. Online calorie calculators can be used to find the calorie value of things not known to you. To lose weight fast one needs to eat fewer calories than one burns in his daily activities.  Only a calorie chart will be able to help you in this regard. And only an account of glasses of water drank can keep you fixed to your goal of eight glasses of water per day. If you can spend an extra 500 calories per day for one week then only you will be able to lose one pound of weight in a week by following any fat loss diet.

Step 4

Continue your new diet at doctor plan of drinking eight cups of water per day and eating reduced calorie food for about 2 months.  Weigh your initial weight before starting the program. If you dedicate continue what I have suggested,  you will be getting only slow improvement. But you can be sure that this slow improvement will continue without getting stuck up anywhere as this is a more practical plan which has shown wonders in many people’s lives.


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