Can hair transplant from another person?

Loss of hair is a big problem faced by many.  As hair has very significant role in defining the personality of a person people who face hair loss problem think it as a burden and tries to avoid it at any cost with hair transplant surgery.

Most people go about trying the numerous oils and creams available in the market, which are often only gimmicks. So no useful results are obtained.    Modern procedures like hair transplantation have become a boon to the persons suffering from hair loss.

Hair transplant

Introduction of newer techniques like follicular unit transplantation, follicular unit micro grafting, follicular unit extraction etc have made hair transplant surgery very popular.  At present hair transplantation is carried out by harvesting donor hair from the back side of the candidate and then transplanting to the bald area. Hair from identical twins is also used for transplantation. But hair transplantation from one person to another is not carried out as such transplantations are rejected unless the patient takes anti-rejections medicines lifelong. The risks associated with such an action outweigh the benefits of hair transplantation and hence they are never attempted. Scientists are researching the possibilities of using the hair from another donor for transplanting.

Male pattern baldness

Normally patients who suffer male pattern baldness are found to have a wreath of hair in their sides and back.  Hair for transplantation is harvested from there. Some men have diffused hair loss.  Their hair loss is similar to that of women. It is distributed throughout the scalp making sides and back sparse.  If this hair is used for hair transplant surgery no guarantee can be given as they themselves will show their inherent instability.

Whose hair to transplant?

Unlike organ transplants, using the hair of another donor is not possible in the case of hair. If hair is received from another donor other than an identical twin it will be completely rejected. You can receive hair only from your donor sites.

Where are my donor sites?

Men pattern hair loss and women pattern hair loss are two common words used in hair transplantation scenarios.  For example in men, even though hair loss has occurred seriously, there will remain some hair in their back and sides. These areas are less affected by the action of DHT. These are donor hair sites. However is the hair fall is serious, it is better not to go for such hair, as the inherent weakness of hair can be shown in the transplanted area also.


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