What’s new in the automotive industry?

Do you want to know about the latest technological advancement of automotive technology? Do you want to know how future cars are going to be? Or are you interested in upgrading your knowledge about latest cars? Well, if YES is the answer, then you have landed at an absolutely right place.

The future of automotive industry

In the past few years the automotive technology has made a lot of progress, whether it is for entertainment, safety, speed, usefulness or merely for innovation. These advancements in technology have made our lives easier. Now, travelling is not a responsibility, it has become fun.

New advancements in auto technology

Pedestrian detection

Volvo developed pedestrian detection technology for automobiles. This technology helps in avoiding collisions and injuries with pedestrians or cyclists. These days, drivers are becoming careless, so this technology can help in avoiding accidents. The pedestrian detection technology can identify nearby pedestrians and cyclists and alert the driver about them.

Parental control

This automobile technology is for parents who are afraid of reckless driving of their teenagers. Usually, teen drivers are distracted by playing audio at full volume. Parents can control the volume of audio player of the car via this technology.

GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is also another great technological innovation for tracking vehicles. You can install the GPS vehicle tracking device in your teen ager’s, girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s car. You will know where they are going.

Intelligent braking

The intelligent braking system can keep the brakes pressed automatically. This tool can hold your brake for in situations like red light to turn green.

Receding door handles

This technology is available in many sport sedans. These handles pull backed when the vehicle is locked or when it is moving. With Receding door handles you can make your sports sedan even more advance.

In-car Internet

The In-car Internet technology is somewhat closer than Wi-Fi in car but not in full extent. It allow internet surfing in cell phone via hotspot Wi-Fi. A portable router is mounted which allow your vehicle to turn into hotspot Wi-Fi. If you are an internet addict, you can try it.


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