The global division of society on homosexual marriages

Why societies do not accept gay marriages? Why gay couples are scorned everywhere? Is there any part of the world where homosexual people can live peacefully? Well, homosexual relationships are still a taboo in the most part of the world, but many countries have started taking homosexuality casually.

Straight talk about homosexual relationships!

Nowadays, developed countries like the United States, Canada, France, Britain and others have changed their vision over homosexual relationships. Not everyone is cool with gay marriages, but now people have started accepting these relationships. However, the Muslim nations like Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq etc. are totally in against of homosexuality. Here, being homo is a kind of crime and homosexual people are criminal. And countries like Israel, Bolivia and Poland have mixed feeling over gay marriages.

Why societies do not accept gay marriages?

There are a number of reasons why society does not consider gay marriages. There are many reasons why societies are against of gay marriages. People say that gay marriages are not natural, they violate the law of nature, accepting such marriages is sinful, gay marriages can change the foundation of society and such marriages do not have ground in any religion as well.

People think that gay marriages will influence other people and more and more people will become gay in the future. This will affect the equilibrium of nature. Thus, this will increase crazy behavior in society. Well educated and reputable people of society consider homosexuality as disease and some people also say that homosexual relationship can result in health related issues. Societies have some more reasons to scorn gay marriages:

  • Same sex marriage is a civil right issue
  • Gay marriages cannot create families
  • Homosexuality offends the god
  • Gay has no future

Why society should accept gay marriages?

Well, homosexuality is not a choice; these people are born this way. Moreover, everyone has freedom to choose his or her life partner. These people are also human beings and do not have control over their feelings. By opposing them, we are ruining their life. If society supports homosexuality, homosexual community can also pursue their dreams. Today, majority of homosexual people struggle for their sexuality and this hinder their growth.


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