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Making video tutorial seems a complicated process but in reality it is not so since the tutorial improves your capability and makes it endearing and what better way than sharing it publicly by making the tutorial. The video needs to have clear and professional looking tool that is worthy. The lessons of video to creating blog posts through video the Screen capture of studio of Movavi enables you to do so. Here is a guide of how to make a tutorial:-

  • Creation of the software through installing tutorial- the package of installation needs to be complete when you download it in the computer. The work of installation begins which is done by following the tips from the pop-up window.
  • Webcam recording of yourself- you can easily capture yourself through the webcam video by going to the option of screen capture by Movavi and then running the editor provided by the Movavi video. The icon of capture video needs to be opened up when the automatic camera that is built in is detected by it. The module of capture is opened up. In the window of preview you will be able to watch yourself. From the folder of the Movavi library you will be able to save the file.
  • Computer screen needs to be captured- if you want to know about the web service through the video guide of how-to, there is no need for you to be on the camera. The features and interface will be shown and presented to you and will be known about the benefits. Adjustability of the screen capture studio enables you to frame the elements on the screen and even give it in the mode of full screen. The visual sounds as well as the effects are made by highlighting the cursor.
  • Footage needs to be edited when the recording of the program is completed whereby you will see a window of preview from which the clip is seen. The footage is added by clicking on the button of editing. The video in a way is turned to a guide that explains everything professionally by polishing the rough surface. You can improvise on the quality of the video through the filters that are automatic, make changes by cutting and trimming as well as using the transitions of animation. Music can also be added along with texts.7
  • Titles are also added up by choosing a caption style that is animated. The frame needs to be double-clicked within the frame and expanding the titles from the menu of settings. Voiceover can also be recorded through the Movavi software. Then you can upload the tutorial online by selecting modes of device to view it.



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