Hillary runs into trouble before the polls

One of the most potential contenders for the Presidential polls this year Hilary Clinton has run into controversy in Hillary Clinton polls for 2016 after emails were sent to the potential voters from an email account. This may cause a lot of problems for the Democratic Party, which she leads, given that the competing Republican Party is closing on them. Thus, the leader may find her in an awkward position when the polls are concerned.

The problem lies in the fact that just before the election kicked off on the 8th of September this year, many of the voters received emails from the leader’s email account and this is the main factor in controversy.

The Hilary controversy

Throughout the ages, people have adopted several innovative methods of propaganda before the polls. The primary and sole agenda of the parties are conveyed to the voters, with an indication that they should vote for them. According to the critics, this was a new strategy adopted by the leader in order to boost up the vote counts. However, Hilary apologized personally for the mistake. After that, she had asked her trusted authorities to delete 30,000 emails from her account. These emails were personal, as she said. The investigators are looking for other emails, which may turn up to be personal. The opponents are of the opinion that she did it purposely to get in touch with the potential voters, in order to make sure that they voted for her. This, according to them, is a shrewd process, which was supposed to deprive them of their voters.

The possible effects

When the Hillary Clinton polls are concerned, there may be two possible effects due to this scandal. First of all, a controversy just before the polls is likely to land her in considerable concern. At the end of the polling season, it may turn out harmful for her. The reputation as a potential campaigner may be hampered as the method adopted by her is said to be unethical. However, there are positive aspects of the incident as well.

It could be a real positive aspect in the field of propaganda and may result in an increment in the number of voters. The results, thus, may go in favour of her as well. It is too early to predict the effects, but according to the public reactions, the leader may suffer considerable damage to her reputation although she has apologized for the incident.



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