Pros And Cons of Hybrid Tint

Have you been visiting nearby window tint shops in search for the perfect commercial and residential window tint? If so, then you might have come across several options and the hybrid tints are definitely one of the best there is out there. What are hybrid commercial and residential window tint and its pros/cons – explore it all in this article below.

What Are Hybrid Window Tints?

Before we jump into exploring the pros and cons of hybrid window tints, let’s have a look at what hybrid tints actually are. Hybrid window films and glazes are a combination of dyed and metallic window tints. This means it comes with the properties and qualities of both metallic tints and dyed window tints. With dual traits and several benefits to offer, hybrid window tints are surely a much preferred choice for the customers and are much in demand at window tint shops.

Advantages of Hybrid Tints

Since hybrid residential window tint is a wonderful combination of two types of window films, it has many benefits to offer to its users.

  1. Comes With Dual Traits

Hybrid tints come in a combination of dyed and metallic tinted films. So the first great thing about these window films is that it offers traits of both the tints.

  1. Promises Good Privacy To The Inhabitants

With hybrid tints, you do not have to worry about privacy or protection. It offers 100% complete protection to the inhabitants. So whether you get it for your cars or home, it will provide foul-proof protection to you.

  1. Helps To Lower The Internal Temperature

By completing blocking the UV rays and sunlight, it helps to keep the internal temperature of your home and vehicle both lower. This is definitely a great thing in hot and humid conditions. It is also helpful to protect the interior from overheating damage.

  1. It Is Not Too Reflective

Another very good benefit of hybrid tints is that it is not very reflective and flashy. It is very subtle in its looks and nothing to fancy or deliberate.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Tints

Naturally a combination hybrid tint will not come with all benefits and no flaws. Below are some of its highlight drawbacks mentioned.

  1. Way Too Expensive

Hybrid tints are very expensive. In fact, they are even more expensive than average high cost. This is a serious flaw for this tint and makes it a turn off for the people.

  1. Not Very Fancy In Appearance

Like metallic tints, the combination hybrid tints are not very fancy in appearance. They are in fact very non-fancy, least reflection and minimal flashy in its appearance.

  1. Not Readily Available

If you search for hybrid window tints at the local nearby window tint shops springfield va, majority chances are that you will not be able to find it easily. Since it is a combination tint you will have to have it made on customized order. The lack of easy availability is surely a major issue.


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