What size wedding tent do I need?

Wedding is the most important event in everybody’s life. So it is always celebrated with utmost pomp. Most people prefer to arrange the wedding reception in a hall with modern facilities. Those who do not have the financial capacity to arrange the wedding reception in a hall, usually go for a picturesque venue where they rent out a tent and arrange all the facilities needed for a wedding reception. The most important problem faced by such people when they opt for corporate tent rentals services is that they find it difficult to fix the size of the tent needed due to various factors. They include the uncertainty in the number of guests to be invited, inability of the invited quests to attend due to unfriendly weather conditions, increased number of unexpected participants etc.

All you need to know about tent rentals

Many large tent rentals services have their own apps that can be used by anyone who visit their sites and determine the size of the tents needed for function.  Some rentals have tent rental inventories which will help the event organizer to understand the rents of different types of tents and see their photos also. Some companies are having programs in the internet with the help of which the probable layout of the tent can be viewed and the event organizer can sleep with peace of mind.

Renting large tents

Selection of suitable canopy or tent is of very importance as it plays a crucial role in deciding the comfort of the guests and the flow of traffic during the event. The important aspects which need consideration in this regard when you approach  corporate tent rentals  are detailed below.

  • The surface on which the tent is going to be placed is very important in deciding the size and type of the tent needed for the function. Whether it is concrete, grass, asphalt or wood deck?
  • What is the size of the available space? This is important in deciding the size of the tent that can be erected there.
  • How many guests are expected to attend the function? Are you planning to get all of them seated at tables or do you plan only partial seating or is it a cocktail party? These are important matters which determine the size of the tent.
  • What other items like bar, buffet, dance floor, stage etc are needed in the tent?
  • When is the function planned? Whether it is in the evening and whether you need any special lighting?
  • Is there any power source? What is the power requirement? Do you need a generator?
  • Do you need accessory tents for prep station, beverage service station etc?

Typical tent sizes

100 people can be accommodated in a tent of 20’x40’ size seated in theater style with aisle in the middle section.

225 people can be accommodated in a tent of 30’x60’ with 144 people seated around round tables and another 80 seated in cafeteria style. These types of larger tents are available with large tent rentals rockland county.


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