New AC System Installation to Help You Cool Off All Year Round

Going for a new AC system installation might be exactly what you need to help you cool down when the warm summer months finally kick in. Just like when buying a brand new car, there are numerous brands, shapes, sizes and types of ACs you can find in the market. Whether it is a central unit or a portable one, the prices of air conditioning systems no longer have to be as big of a hindrance as they used to be. With some knowledge and in depth research, you can now look for that perfect air conditioner that will suit your budget and meet your expectations and requirements.

New air conditioner installation

If you want to protect your home and family to be protected from the exhausting and overwhelming heat during summer season, the central air conditioner is one of the choices you’ve got. It is a special type of system which blows cold air through the supply and return ducts which blow out the vents in your house. This cool air is then circulated which then forces the warm air and transport this back through return ducts for your home to remain at the comfortable temperature you prefer.

So, how will you look for the best prices for your new air conditioner and choose the best one for you?

Check SEER Rating

The best AC systems usually come with higher SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating. The ratio means that a system makes use of lesser energy in order to keep your house cool better than a system with low SEER. It makes these units more energy efficient and will help you in saving more for your monthly electric bills. So, if you are in the rush to get an AC unit, one with lower SEER is probably your option.

However, it will only become more expensive in the future because of the energy required to keep your house cool. It means that everything will depend on how much you are willing to spend and which option you feel will help you save more money. Going for a unit with SEER rating of 18 to 23 might be a bit more expensive upfront yet this is guaranteed to save you more money in the long run.

Consider the Compressors

Apart from SEER rating, you also have to look into the specific types of compressors used in the units you are considering to buy. Prices of air conditioners can dramatically go up or down depending on the compressors used. The two primary types are the reciprocating and scroll compressors, with the former being the oldest. The scrolls seem to have lesser moving parts. These also tend to be more efficient, reliable and quiet. These also have the ability to resist the liquid refrigerants, which means that there is no need for you to worry a lot about maintenance.

Know the Warranty

Finally, it is best to get some form of warranty for your system. Prices of AC units are already expensive as it is, mainly because of the features and what these are used to do. However, as you need to maintain your system, there is no reason why you should pay more money to replace or fix it to ac repair technician Reston va. Having a good warranty will make your initial payment much more worth it, not to mention that you no longer have to spend much on ac maintenance.


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