Gas Fireplace Inserts and Their Exciting Benefits

Gas fireplace inserts recommended by fireplace contractor have now gone a long way in changing the comfort level in many homes all over the world. Homeowners who have been lucky enough to have a fireplace in their house know the character and charm that this can lend to a house. However, as a heating source, traditional fireplaces also have their own share of shortcomings. For one, older fireplaces have the tendency to become extremely efficient, in which most of the heat goes up the chimney. Aside from that, the chores of storing and obtaining wood, feeding the fire then cleaning out all those ashes can often be a real burden once the excitement and novelty has already worn off.

Enjoy Your Gas Fireplaces to the Next Level

For majority of homeowners, the most common solution to this issue is none other than the installation of a gas fireplace insert. It puts an end to the efficiency problem since the construction and design of the insert makes it more efficient compared to the older fireplaces. Obviously, since this insert will burn gas and not wood, all the issues of dealing with wood fuel source is now eliminated.

By now, you have probably heard all the benefits of gas fireplaces compared to wood burning fireplaces. These are safer, easier, cleaner, and on top of that, these can also look as equally good. So, you wanted to get one for yourself. The only problem is that you already have an existing fireplace. Will you only live with what you already got? Do you need to get rid of your existing fireplace and install gas in its place? Well, the answer is no. There’s much lesser and simpler solution and that is a gas fireplace insert.

As its name suggests, gas fireplace inserts are just inserted inside a current fireplace to convert this to a gas-burning fireplace. The inserts may be installed in a typical masonry unit or prefabricated factory unit. They feature a remote control or a thermostat. Such inserts may cost as little as two hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Gas fireplace inserts will also make decorating easier. They provide numerous options for the surrounding area. Others come with tile or brick while some have an empty frame that you may add tiles, which won’t require you to be grouted or affixed. You only need to slide in place, making it easy to change the entire appearance of your fireplace to blend in your home décor.

Another benefit of gas fireplaces is that these are energy savers. If you’re planning to use your fireplace as your heating unit, you will have to shop for inserts with metal grilles. Several units are available in which grille’s decorated or hidden. However, if your fireplace is decorative, you don’t require grille.

Take note that even if you have your own fireplace already installed, it does not mean you’re stuck with this. Just a bit of creativity and money, you can transform your fireplace. You may also use wood stove inserts chimney contractor columbia md and hire.


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