Decorative Considerations for Buying an Oriental Rug

When purchasing a wholesale oriental rug, there are a lot of things you want to consider: the knot count, the material, how durable it is. Anyway, more than anything, you are probably the most worried about whether or not it will look best in the room you put it in. there are 3 main decorative considerations you want to bear in mind when selecting an oriental rug, size, design, and color.

Colors of oriental rugs

Examine the full-color scheme of the room you are putting your Oriental rug in. Then decide if you want the colors of the rug to be contrasting or harmonious to this color scheme.

For a sweet effect, you want your rug to reflect the tonality of the room. This jobs best when you select a secondary color. Selecting a rug that reflects the dominant color in a room can make the room feel monochromatic and bland.

For a contrasting effect, select a rug that has color scheme distinctly different from the color scheme in the room. This option is riskier because it is simple to select a rug that clashes with the shades in the room. Anyway, if the room is very neutral, including a vibrant rug can include character and life.

Size of Traditional Rugs

Planning what size traditional rugs you need involves more than just measuring how much area you have. You also need to take into consideration the amount of furnishings and the creativity of the other decoration in the room. A powerful patterned and boldly colored rug requires much more room to breathe than a rug with pastel shades and a delicate pattern.

Design of Persian Rugs

Selecting the design of a rug is less vital than the color scheme, as the dissonant pattern can still blend in if the shades are right. Anyway, the best design can improve the full style and environment of the room.

  • Curvilinear designs are floral and intricate. They are extremely ornate and therefore tend to look best in a room that is also ornate. This design can also include luxury to a plain room.
  • Geometric designs tend to look top in extremely minimalist, latest rooms.
  • Repeating designs use one motif or a group of motifs that are repeated throughout the design.
  • Centralized designs use one motif in the heart of the design found in wholesale rugs store Virginia. Because of the symmetry of this kind of design, these rugs look top when located in a room that has symmetry as well.

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