Tips on Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

You might think your long distance relationship is not going to work. Your family members might discourage it, and many of your friends may recommend you to not to take it too seriously, in order to avoid heartbreak. Well, actually no one is going to say anything positive about it! And it is not going to be easy either. The extra miles will make things even more complicated. However, the sweet and simple things like holding your lover’s hand, eating together, taking a walk together, watching movies together etc. will become sweeter and more special things for you.

How to handle a long distance relationship?

Long distance relationship may appear subtle but it has its own cute tickles. If your love is true then international or national boundaries cannot create distance between you two. To make your affinity alive and strong for forever, you will have to work on certain things. You just cannot take your love for granted, even for a single day.

Long distance love tips

#1: Keep connected: Today, thanks to technology you can always make a real time connection with your love. You can call, chat and video chat with your love anywhere and anytime. Keeping connection is the most important thing to make a long distance relationship work out.

#2: Do similar things: You can eat, bath, read or watch a movie at the same time. This will make you feel like you two are doing those things together.

#3: Know each other’s schedule: 90% long distance relationships fail because of poor understanding of time schedules. Different time zones, different routines and different work priorities create differences in the relationship. Thus if you know about each other’s schedules, you will not get angry if your long distance lover does not reply to your text message instantly!

#4: Track each other on social media: You both might have a different social circle, different education background and different culture. Thus, social media can help you to understand each other in better way.

#5: Give cute names to each other: You can call each other with sweet nicknames. Awww…. So cute!

One day you will definitely meet your long distance lover and that day will change your entire life. As when it is time for souls to meet, there exists nothing which can prevent them from meeting!


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