Sports History Reviewing the 2008 NFL Season

Well, first of all this article is going to be about the 2008 NFL season, which I think was one of the best seasons of all time. I’m going to start off by talking about who I picked to win the NFL divisional title that year, and who actually did win it that year. I’ll start off with the NFC North division, which coming into the season seemed to be a pretty strong division.

They had some fairly good teams but each team coming into the season seemed to be missing that special guy that can come through in the crunches. I thought the Vikings were primed to win the division that year, even though the Packers were a very good football team. I was right by all accounts as the Vikings did in fact win the 2008 NFC north.

I really thought that Adrian Peterson was going to be just as good that year as he was in 2007 if not better, and I was right. AP had put a stamp on that team, and had just turned the corner becoming the undisputed leader of that team.

Also, the Vikings had a very good line both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Plus they added Jared Allen in the off season so their defensive line was expected to be dominant. There seemed to be a lot of questions regarding their QB Tavares Jackson coming into the 2008 season, but the consensus was that AP and Chester Taylor was good enough to relieve some of the pressure.

Now onto the NFC South where the Bucs won the division the year before, but they didn’t improve during the off season so they weren’t expected to be as good in the 2008 season. Their quarterback, Garcia was a pretty decent player and had a great career, but looking back, the Bucs should have upgraded that position.

I thought the Bucs were going to finish third in the division, which will leave them behind the Saints and the Panthers so obviously I didn’t think that Arizona was going to do squat that year. The Saints had a new weapon on offensive side of the ball with Jeremy Shockey to help Drew Brees so I expected the offense to be just as explosive as it was the year prior in 2007. I predicted the Carolina Panthers to win the NFC south that year and I was right as they reeled off 12 wins that year.

As far as the super bowl, I picked the Carolina Panthers over the New England Patriots. However the Arizona Cardinals, whom I thought was a wounded team lacking talent, ended up going to the super bowl instead of the Panthers. The Cardinals played the Pittsburg Steelers that year in the super bowl and was tagged as one of the most entertaining super bowl of all time.

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