6 Revealing Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Your roofers may have constructed you the finest roof of all time, but after a certain age repairing and a checkup is necessary!

Roof Repair

Every roof needs to be thoroughly examined from time to time. Once you notice that it’s not working the way it used to, then it’s time to contact the roof repair contractors.

Keep in mind that at some point, everything starts to rust or damage slowly as roofers tell. And your roof isn’t an exception to such facts. You don’t need a checking every year but after at least 5 years in the house, it’s better to ask a roofer to pay a visit.

Signs You Need A Roof Repair

The following are some of the signs which are practically warning labels for you. if you notice any of these then pick up your phone and call the services.

  1. Roof’s Age

When a roof is past its age, then it’s better for you to have someone inspect it.

Every roof has a different age. Wooden roofs stay sturdy up to 50 years, asphalt ones stay healthy up to 30 years and metal ones stay up to 80 years.

The most common one found in the houses is the asphalt one. All roofers agree that asphalt roof becomes dangerous after 25 years when left unchecked. Roofs come with a warranty. Once the warranty has been cleared off, then you should start your examination. Because of the constant sunshine or rain or other extreme weather conditions, roofs can start withering quickly. Sometimes, they don’t complete their warranty as well. Hence, keep on checking it yourself after every 5 years so as to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Shingles

Shingles can go through four types of damage:

  1. They are curled
  2. They are missing
  3. They are broken
  4. They are bouncy
  5. They Are Curled

When the shingles appear curled from the edges then it means your roof is slowly coming to an end. Get a roofer to fix them as soon as possible because soon enough these curled shingles start leaking or disappearing.

  1. They Are Missing

Due to intense weather conditions, shingles sometimes wear off. This wearing off leaves the space open which can allow the rainwater or the sunlight to start corroding the ceiling surface.

  1. They Are Broken

Most of the times, you’ll notice that all your shingles are in place but they are broken. This is because of numerous things. Weather, people climbing, age etc. all cause this. Because of this, you might notice light seeping out in the attic and soon enough rainfall too. Hence before any of this happens, have a roofer come over and fix it immediately.

  1. They Are Bouncy

When your shingles appear bouncy, then it is prone to the rainwater or water from the pipes. This should be brought to light immediately and fixed. Otherwise chances are you will receive a severe water problem which can damage your house and make your roof sag.

  1. Ballast

Ballasted roofs are very much favored by people. However, the connection of ballasts to shingles sometimes weaken and it causes the water to accumulate in the surface which can again cause some intense leakage. Once you notice the shingles creating noise or have small spaces in them then contact your roof repair contractors so that it can be fixed.

  1. Leaking

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and go downstairs. After coming to your senses, you notice that there is a strange smell in the air. Or the air feels humid. Most of the times, it’s as visible as daylight. Your walls contain bubbles, your corners are covered in green mold or mildew… Or water is seen in puddles in the corners.

This means your roof is leaking and be sure to get it fixed on every cost because once left unchecked, this can destroy your entire house in a matter of days.

  1. Energy Bills

If your bills have suddenly rocketed from their usual amounts then this means your roof isn’t as reliable as it was before. Sometimes, holes tiny for the naked eye are present which affects the roofs daily principle.

  1. Sagging

If you notice your roof sagging or a little imperfect in balance as compared to before then ring out your warning and get someone to have it checked out immediately. Sagging roof is very dangerous and after a certain time, even the roofing company Akron OH can’t help you maintain it. Hence, take drastic measures in such cases immediately!


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