Is Banking Baby’s Cord Cells Really Important?

For all you pregnant moms out there, who are confused whether to save your baby’s stem cells, here is an answer for you.

What is Cord Blood?

According to faculty member Kirkland, Cord blood is special. “Cord blood is completely different to regular blood for many reasons,” he says. “It’s completely different as a result of it’s not aged; it hasn’t been exposed to the atmosphere. This creates a distinction as results of all cells within

the body have an enclosed clock that ticks down. Thus we collect Cord blood when the body is in its earlier stages. Cord Blood is something which we cannot find in the later stages. It has immune cells and is completely unique”.

Present Uses of Cord Blood

Currently, Cord Blood is used in treating Bone Marrow Diseases like Leukaemia. But, from 20 years now, doctors believe, cord blood can be used to cure several diseases like diabetes, cerebral plasy, etc.

Fortune favours those who dare to believe in themselves. The optimistic scientists are currently investing their lives in finding out the best usage of umbilical cord blood and rename it to be the best innovative medical discoveries in the history of mankind.

For more information about cord cell banking, its advantages and disadvantages click here

Should You Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood and Stem Cells?

In our body, there are around 200 different cells that perform specific functionalities and the cells in Cord Blood are different. They have the ability to prove wonders if used properly. When scientists are so sure of its advantages, why not save your baby’s stem cells and insure his health for lifetime.

Safe Guarding Family:

During the child’s birth, store his stem cells and safeguard the health of family members too. The stem cells of the child have chances of helping the child along with his siblings. There are several authorized stem cell banking private and accredited banks that store umbilical cord blood in clean and neat rooms for as long as 18 years. Once the child reaches 18, the choice is yours whether to store the cells further of discard it. Till your child reaches 18, there is a high probability of brilliant advancements of Stem Cell Coming up in the field of medicine.

When there is an option of insuring your child’s health with this amazing procedure, why not save it. If you do, fortunately you do not have to regret in future for not saving it, looking at the amazing advantages of Stem Cell Banking it shall then have.


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