Holiday resorts in the south of Holland

In the Netherlands the rivers, the Scheldt and the Rhine end into the North Sea. They carried the fertile grounds for centuries. The region Zealand evaluated into an agricultural region. And thanks to the water fishery towns came up.

Today they form an attractive background for holiday lovers. This delta region has a long coastline. A large part consists of wide sandy beaches and dunes. Lovely for a beach holiday. The cities were trading cities. Wooden sea vessels departed for their voyages in all directions. The seagoing vessels were built in Middelburg. The small town of Veere, now a tourist attraction, imported wool from England. This historical background makes that the area is not only frequented by beach lovers. The tourists, many from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, also come for small towns as Zierikzee and Hulst. And as we are in the south of Holland, they also spend a day in historic Gent and Brugge in Belgium and most tourist accommodations in Zeeland

Thanks to the interest of tourists, the region has changed. The tourist accommodations are grown. Especially on the coast, just behind the dunes, arose holiday resorts. Originally with caravans and later with trendy chalets and holiday homes. This trend is also committed now by the newest homes are modern houses with all amenities. Guest wants comfort like at home, or preferably better, so holiday homes nowadays could have a sauna and Jacuzzi. Here you find resorts with restaurants and swimming pools, holiday houses on resorts and private rents.

All beaches are close to small villages. Large cities with towering apartment buildings are not available here. The only city with its own beach is Flushing, but is still a local town. The coast of Zeeland is not fully constructed like Spanish Costas with closed holiday apartments in the winter. In Zeeland, the small towns and villages spread across the province. This also means that you will not find all tourists concentrated in one place. On the beaches it never is too crowded and others for the luxury of a hotel.


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