Can Bail Bond Agency Lose Money on Bond

The person who is arrested is supposed to be guilty till the time he is proven guilty. Now the trials would take a pretty long time to prove him guilty. In the meantime the person is allowed to move freely, provided the person leaves a considerable amount of money as a bail with the court for the sake of assurance and that he will return to the court whenever he is summoned. If the suspect comes to the court on the given date then the bail amount will be refunded.

Bail and bail bonds

In United States, if a person who is a suspect does not have sufficient sources to post the bail on his own, then he can hire a bail bond agent to post the bail who will charge non-refundable fees. The fees approximately work out to be 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount. Bonds are usually very big amount that has to be paid. In such a situation the agent helps the suspect by paying the bond himself to the court and charge the suspect a non refundable fee for the service provided by the agent. If by any chance the suspect does not happen to attend the court on the specified date, then the bond agency has the right to find the suspect by using some resources to trace him out. Thereafter the suspect will be brought to the court and see to it that the suspect pays of the entire bail amount.

Usually the bail bond money is refundable, but very often it depends on the person who is arrested. When the bail is posted, it means the person can move out freely, by paying the desired amount to the court. The amount will be refunded provided the suspect visits the court whenever he is asked to attend the court.

The bond agents get their fees only when the suspect or the person makes all the court appearances and the surety bond will get dissolved at the end of the case and the bond agents will get their 10 percent fees. That is why the bond agents are reluctant to give bond to any person approaching them. They will first look into the person’s positive as well as negative aspect and thereafter evaluate the bail for the defendant. The bond agent would prefer to have a co-signer relative or a friend as a surety for the entire bail amount. The co-signer becomes the surety to the bondsman. Once the case is concluded the surety bond gets dissolved. All the bondsman in US bail is licensed by the state where they operate their business from.


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