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8 Compelling Reasons To Get Home Inspection Done Before Buying

The idea of a home inspection is to examine the condition of a property which you are about to purchase. This can be done with the help of a realtor. You have to hire a professional person to examine the house of any foundational damages, pipes installation, heating system and electrical work and sewage work. The inspector will look for any signs of insects or damage due to a fire. In short, he will double check your property to be purchased. The inspection will not cost you too much. It will take around $300 minimum and the maximum amount depends upon the size of the property.

  1. Provides Critical Information

A home inspection will provide critical information about the property. It will reveal all the damages and the cost of repairs. The buyer can be aware of the costs and can negotiate it with the seller through the mediation of the realtor.

  1. Ensures Safety

A home inspection will reveal all the conditions which endanger the safety of the house and the people.  You can check for mold and other insect problems. And then you can decide whether you’ll purchase the property or not.

  1. Looks Are Deceiving

The common phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be truer in buying a house. You’re not only buying the mesmerizing house, but also the pitfalls of it. Real estate agents will try to sell the property quickly. That is why you need to be assured first.

  1. Can Lower the Price as Well

If you find some problems through the inspection, it can help you lower the price of the property. For example, if you find structural problems like issues with plumbing or electrical work which you’ll have to pay for once you buy the house, you can ask the seller to cover these costs. This will against needing the mediation of a real estate agent. Or you can simply lower the price of the house because of the damages.

  1. A Thorough Study of The House

Through a home inspection, you can be able to know the tiniest details of the property.  For example, a seller will try to hide the fact that the house was damaged in a fire, or it contains pests. After a thorough examination, these details will come to the surface. In this way, you will have the exact idea of the property you are about to purchase.

  1. Saves You from Fraud

Real estate agents will try to sell the property quickly from the seller’s side. The market is full of fraudulent and con men. You are about to invest a huge amount of money in a property. You have to be secure from the fraud. Hiring a realtor and a home inspector will cost you some dollars, but at least you will be saved from a con.

  1. Reveals Seller’s Additions That Are Illegal

A thorough inspection can reveal if the seller has added illegal rooms that are not permitted. Then the house purchase contract will contain some legal issues because the buyer is going to buy the rooms which do not exist in the legal papers of the house. All the repairs that a seller has made, have to be permitted. If he adds unpermitted repairs in the garage, rooms or basement, they will be illegal. These illegal works can cause an ugly problem for you in future.

  1. Insurance

Insurance companies will not insure a house with defaults. These defaults can only be detected through an inspection. After you deal with the damages, either by a deal with the seller or by repairing on your own, insurance companies will agree on insuring the property.  And you already know the critical importance of home insurance these days.

These above-given reasons are enough to make you go for a home inspection. It will save you a huge amount of money by spending a few hundred dollars. In this way, you will know all about the property you are about to purchase. You will know which corner of the house contains which problem. You can make a deal with the Real estate agents to negotiate a lesser amount of the house because of the damages.


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