5 Smells That Indicate It’s Time for Auto Repair

Automobiles, with all their advanced technology, now come equipped with sensors and other gadgets that warn us when there is a problem building up. Thankfully, our own human senses are, at times, adequate to gauge the state of our car. A keen look into your interiors or a whiff can sometimes do the trick.

Our senses are our primary detectors to inform if an auto repair is needed. It is essential that as soon as you sense something unusual you take action on it, just like you would sensing something unusual with your body. Your auto servicing professionals are your car’s doctors and currently, if you are in Vegas, car repair help is handy. Simply keep your olfactory senses open to the below:

  1. Gas Station Smell

Listed first because it could be the most fatal, if you can smell gasoline in your car you must immediately get it checked for a gas leak. Especially so if it is emanating from a parked car. Get your car’s gasoline cap or injectors repaired if needed as they might be causing a gas leak in liquid or vapor form.

  1. Syrupy smell

If you smell something like maple syrup inside the car, that is also a cause for concern. As sweet as it may smell, this could actually be harmful to your health and your car’s engine as it might be from a coolant leak. This exposes the car to overheating and hence requires immediate repair. Remember, not everything that smells like maple syrup is a treat. Before it’s too late, visit the nearest auto repair in Las Vegas, NV to get you car checked.

  1. Campfire smoke odor

As much as we fantasy a nice campfire with friends, your car is supposed to take you to one, not smell like it! If you smell something like burning wood inside your car, that could be an indication that your clutch needs servicing. Heavy traffic in Las Vegas may require dependency on the clutch and it is not uncommon to go through this problem.

  1. Cooking Oil stench

This smell might be confusion to some. Since we are not really used to burning car oil smell, many people associate it with cooking oil smell while deep frying a dish. The cause might be an oil leak causing the oil to sizzle on the exhaust or other hot parts. You may also notice visible smoke fumes from under the car hood.

  1. Dirty Laundry stench

Vegas heat requires specific Vegas car repair. If your car smells like you have been wearing the same clothes the entire month, the fault might lay in the air conditioner or heater. Mold can easily generate and collect here and hence you will need to blast them to full temperature to get rid of the mold or mildew. Remember to keep your windows open.

As simple as the diagnosis was, the riddance of the stench will need skill and equipment which a car mechanic has access to. The solution will follow only when you take your car to an auto repair in Las Vegas, NV. Safe driving!


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