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5 healthy drinks to lose weight

The secret to lose weight is not just watching what you eat but also to keep a check on what is inside your glass of drink. Popular energy drinks and soft drinks might please your taste buds but they don’t do any favor to your waistline. Fortunately, there are a few drinks that you can sip without any guilt. So, sip your way to better metabolism and strong immune system and lose weight effectively.

Drinks that can help you to lose weight

When one thinks about good-for-my-body drinks, water is the one that immediately comes on the mind. But one cannot spend his/her entire life just sipping on water, right? If you are one of those people who are looking for tasty yet healthy drinks, then you’ve landed at the best place. As below mentioned are 5 most healthy drinks on which you can relay to lose weight and become the owner of a well toned body.

Drink it! And shrink your belly

#1: Green tea: Besides preventing you from ageing and protecting against cancer. The green tea also helps you to maintain your belly in good shape. Many studies, have been done on green tea and it is concluded that the presence of antioxidants and catechins in green tea help to reduce the belly fat.

#2: Water melon smoothie: As long as there is no sugar powder added in this smoothie, it is the best drink to keep body hydrated (and toned as well). Watermelon is not only a natural hydrator but it is also loaded with a good number of nutrients.

#3: Skim milk: Milk is the best source for everything; go for the skimmed milk to obtain each and every vital vitamin without engulfing the added fat.
#4: Pineapple frappe: This drink contains crushed pineapple. Along with pampering your tongue, the pineapple frappe also help you to lose weight. As the enzyme bromelain is present in pineapple which is a proven belly flattener and bloat remover.

#5: Dark Chocolate Shake: Dark Chocolate Shake really? Yes it is for real! The dark chocolate helps you to slim your belly down because it decreases your appetite and also lessens your craving for food. Who in the world would crave for anything else when he/she is sipping the dark chocolate to lose weight!


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