Types of Stone Veneer

If you wonder what veneer is, any expert stone veneer contractor or masonry contractor will surely be able to guide you through the basics of it. Veneer is basically a thin layer of exterior covering that is applied to another surface to make it stronger, solider or visually more appealing. In this article, we are going to explore the most popular stone veneer types that exist.

Difference Between Stone And Masonry Veneer

If you have never had the chance of interacting with a masonry contractor or a stone veneer contractor – the chances are that you presume both to be the same. This is not the case. Stone veneer is definitely miles apart from masonry veneer and therefore we need to understand the difference between them first before we can talk about the various different types of stone veneers that exist.

Masonry Veneer

Masonry veneer is basically nothing more than an exterior layer of surface that is applied on another surface – mostly stones – to give it a new look. The purpose of masonry veneer is nothing beyond making the new surface look better and give it an improved visual appeal. The person who carries out the job is known as a masonry contractor.

Stone Veneer

The stone veneer is much different to masonry veneer. The stone veneer is basically a very thin and diluted concrete mixture that is put into molds and allowed to cool so that it can become a certain shape and size. The basic aim is to make the concrete look like real stones of varying shapes, texture, designs and sizes. So the stone veneer not only plays an imperative role in making the surface look visually more attractive but also is helpful to make the structure of the builder stronger.

Popular Types of Stone Veneer

There are several different types and categories of stone veneer. We have picked out the most popular ones and listed them below for your better understanding.

  1. Yukon Blend Thin Veneer

This is a type of thin stone veneer that is a combination stone of modern and traditional stone. This type of stone veneer is basically made of combination of natural stone with ample ratios of graphite concrete in it to give it a beautiful, shiny and smooth look.

  1. Sonoma Valley Veneer

Another popular type of stone veneer is the Sonoma valley veneer. It is yet another form of thin veneer and is basically made out of split-faced sandstone. The basic purpose of this type of stone is to add architectural value and look to the stones and buildings.

  1. Royal Black Veneer

A stone veneer contractor long island strongly recommends people to go for the royal black veneer stone. Belonging to the thin veneer category, this stone is basically a combination of black marble with simple wall tile. It is made in specified ratios of 6 by 24 inches. It is the best stone that works brilliantly for wall paneling and lining purposes.


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