Silk Rugs and Everything You Should Know about Them

Silk rugs are made from the different parts of the globe. It can be from the Central Iran, Persia, Kashmir, Turkey, and other places. Silk rugs and carpet cleaning needs care, yet may be done at home. Maybe the fiber blend rug is your thing. Silk and wool rugs and silk and cotton rugs are the best options for you. However, if you want something that can be your investment, go with the oriental silk rugs.

Are Silk Rugs Worth It?

Silk does not seem to be the strongest material you may think of for flooring, yet you will be surprised to know that it has several advantages. Long ago, silk rugs were often used during winter months to remind the springtime garden. In the country of India, silk is one of the highly regarded fabrics and often used in spiritual rituals.

Advantages of Silk Rugs

  • Ideal for decorating
  • Can be used with other materials
  • Smooth and light texture

Things to Remember When Using Silk Rugs

Due to the delicate nature of silk, you might find that getting rid of the stains from the silk rugs can be challenging. However, if you get rid of the stain as soon as possible, you can reduce the damage. Having a blend of silk and wool rugs will help for the reason that the wool repels most liquids. Remove solid that might have been part of the stain and blot the excess liquid gently. Using some club soda may help you release the remaining stain, yet never use heat for drying it and let the stained area air dry.

Other than that, you have to take note that silk rugs are expensive and delicate. Therefore, it isn’t recommended that such can be used in high traffic areas. Particularly in case of handmade silk carpets, the weave is often thick, yet you don’t like to loosen any pattern or embroidery.

Silk rugs are considered as luxury things when decorating your home. The light and soft texture is perfect for intricate designs and patterns. As a matter of fact, the oriental rugs are created with silk, sometimes with a combination of silk and wool. While lots of homeowners like using silk area rugs around your home, they may also use these as wall hangings to display the art for design. Aside from silk rugs, you may also consider antique rugs va.


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