Seven rug mistakes you should avoid for an aesthetically appealing home

Oriental rugs can transform the overall appearance of your living room by concealing the hard floors or cracks. Over the years, they have played a crucial role in reflecting the taste and aesthetics of the owner.  Hence it is necessary to choose them wisely. Here are some common rug mistakes that people do while selecting the rugs for their rooms.

Choosing area rugs that are too small:

I most of the cases, the prominent mistake one commit is selecting a small rug, which makes a room look smaller than its actual size. According to the leading interior designers, the area oriental rugs should be big enough to ground furniture of the living room and set boundaries on the floor. Rugs define conversation area and it should of such size that the front leg of furniture is on it.

Not layering the rugs:

It is a common tendency of the homeowners to pick the small rugs as they are relatively cheaper than the bigger sized area rugs. Try for layering using a neutral jute rag, which can be cleaned quickly followed by placing of patterned rug over it. Also, the rug’s edges should be 12-14 inches from room’s perimeter.

Leaving your wall-to-wall carpeting bare:

There is no harm in placing an area rug over carpet, according to interior designers. This pattern adds playfulness and helps to pull together the room with boundaries that is needed.

Pay importance to the rugs:

While decorating your room with scratches, it is the rugs which should top your priority list. It has a significant impact on the decoration of the room and is one single thing that keeps the room look packed together.

Reluctance to experiment with patterns

Don’t be skeptic about experimenting with different designs and contrast combination of colors while choosing the area rugs. Go for abstract patterns and variation in color combination concerning the tone of the room and furniture, for best results.

Missing the rug pad

A rug pad prevents the rug from slipping and sliding and also provides comfort to flat weave rugs underfoot. Experts have advised avoiding rug tapes instead of rug pad as they spoil the wooden floors with their adhesives.

Don’t miss out the discounts

If you are looking out for some exquisite piece of work like a Turkish or Persian rug, try ordering the wholesale rugs which offer fantastic deals on these exotic items. Comparing the rates and ordering them at wholesale rates will help you to curtail your budget manifold while getting them all under one roof.


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