Post Surgery Care Of Patient

Incurring a spinal injury may lead to a major injury that would lead to the spinal surgery. One may get spinal injuries on involving in many such activities such as various sports. It may cause musculoskeletal trauma in the patient. One may also get affected by the spinal injury due to degenerative diseases, infections, tumors and congenital disorders. Here in this article you may find such information that was not known to you.

The Post Spinal Surgery Care

Going through a spinal surgery is a very important decision to make, both for the surgeon and also for the patient. It requires a lot of such consideration that has to be dealt with care. The patient who is to or have gone through the spinal surgery should be kept under much care. Here are some post surgery care points for a patient. There are various such factors that may affect the recovery of the patient who has gone through a spinal surgery. Few of them have been enlisted below.

  • Smoking: Smoking or any form of nicotine can be very harmful for a patient who is going through the process of recovery after a spinal surgery. Nicotine is a bone damaging toxin that hampers the growth of the bone cells. Therefore, it may prove to be very harmful especially after going through the surgery of spine.
  • Care of the machines you carry: After surgery, you may have to wear a number of devices. These devices may include blood pressure calf, oximeter etc. These devices need proper care and time to time assessment to check whether they are functioning properly. It is advisable that you appoint a nurse for the complete round the clock care of the patient. Avoidance of any uneasiness may cost you a great deal.
  • Pain management: You may experience some pain after the surgery. It is usually a combined effect of the long hours of anesthesia and the carriage of those machines that are installed within your body. To overcome or rather get relief of this pain you may need to take some medication.

Once you go through such surgery, your orthopedic surgeons mclean va would let you know everything about the post surgery care. You must strictly abide by them. You must follow the time table that would be given to you. The patient as well as the household members should remain very cautious about the patient. Each and every details of the patient should be reported to the surgeon.


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