How to Spot a Fake Swiss Luxury Watch

If you are looking for an accessory that shows you to be successful and classy, you really cannot go wrong with Swiss luxury watches. These timepieces are painstakingly made and are built to last, to the point where they are often handed down through generations. Buying a Swiss watch means making a serious financial investment, but it’s one that will more than likely last you a lifetime.

Because of the price considerations and demand for these watches, there is a black-market industry that lures in unsuspecting buyers with fake versions, which the seller tries to pass off as the real thing. The good news is that there are some sure signs that the Swiss luxury watches you are looking at are not the real deal.

Pricing: Even when you look at the basic timepieces offered by Swiss luxury watch brands, you would still be looking at paying a few thousands of dollars for a single timepiece. It stands to reason that of you find one being sold for a few hundred dollars, red flags should be raised. These are highly coveted watches, and even the used watches will sell at very high prices.

Mistakes: People who sell fake luxury watches don’t always pay attention to the details, but it’s important that you do. One of the most common mistake with knock-offs is that the brand name may be improperly spelt, or may be placed in the wrong spot. Do a little research about the watch you want before you buy, as identifying the fakes then becomes easier.

Sound: Another surest sign that you have a fake on your wrist is if the watch you are wearing is making a loud ticking noise. All of the best Swiss luxury watches are designed to run as quietly as possible, and you often have to press your ear right up to the timepiece to hear any kind of sound coming from it at all.

Location: The chances of you finding a Rolex or other big name Swiss luxury brand at a watch shop in your local strip mall are slim to none. The manufacturers are very picky about who they have representing their brand, to the point where they may have a list of official sales outlets on their website. The types of stores where these watches are found are oftentimes the ones where the salesperson needs to buzz you in.

Engraving: As mentioned earlier, luxury watches from Switzerland are made to exacting detail, and that includes any engravings that may appear on the back of the watch. A close look at a real watch will reveal an engraving that is totally perfect, while the fake watch will have some obvious flaws.

A luxury Swiss watch is a fabulous investment, but it’s one that needs to be made very carefully. It’s easy to think that you are getting a real bargain when in fact you are being scammed. Look for these signs, as well as a few others, to make sure that you are getting what you pay for.


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