How To Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very common problem nowadays but if you have just had a hair transplantation then you need to take extra care of your hair.

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If you notice excessive hair fall then here are some measures that you need to take in order to reduce the hair loss;

  1. Take Proper Diet

Feed your hair with proper and healthy diet as it is really important to reduce hair loss and make them stronger. Try to incorporate proteins in it as proteins provide health and strength to your hair and also reduce the hair fall. Sources of proteins are very common such as; egg whites, milk, fish, lean meats, soy etc.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss then visit the hair restoration clinic from where you got your hair transplantation done and talk to your doctor about the problem. Your doctor would run some tests on you to check the reason behind hair loss and after that you would be provided proper medication according to your condition.

  1. Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

After the hair restoration procedure, you must be told to avoid bad habits such as; smoking, consuming caffeine or alcohol as they interrupt your blood circulation towards the scalp and result in more hair loss. You need to break these habits or else you would not be benefited by the treatment you got, in fact you would make it worse.

  1. Massage Your Hair with Essential Oils

You would be given a medicated hair oil from the hair restoration clinic to use for some time after the treatment. Regularly massage your hair with the oil gently for a few minutes as it stimulates blood circulation and keeps the hair follicles activated. Once your precautionary time is over, you can use essential oils for this purpose such as Caster oil, it serves best in providing health and preventing hair fall.

  1. Use Shampoo Regularly

Shampooing on a regular basis keeps your hair fresh and healthy. Take shampoo in your palm and massage it all over your head. Make sure you massage with your fingertips only and not with the nails as it will scratch your scalp and make it dry. After that, rub your hair with towel gently without applying too much pressure as it would damage the hair and can cause hair fall.

Home Remedies For Limiting Hair Fall

You don’t always need to visit a hair restoration clinic for this problem. Apart from above-mentioned tips, these home remedies work exceptionally great in preventing and reducing the hair fall;

  1. Apply Egg Mask

Egg has all the necessary nutrients that are needed to make hair stronger. Prepare this mask by separating the egg white and adding a teaspoon of pure honey and olive oil in it. Apply this mask on your hair gently, make sure it covers all of your hair. You can then wash your hair with shampoo after at least 15-20 minutes.

  1. Licorice Root Mask

Licorice root is an herb that helps to reduce hair fall and dandruff, makes hair stronger and soothes your scalp. In one cup of milk add saffron and one tablespoon licorice root. Mix well and cover your hair with this mask and leave overnight and rinse it off in morning.

  1. Use Green Tea

Green tea is enriched with antioxidants that stimulates the growth of your hair and helps in preventing hair fall. You would simply need to soak some tea bags depending on your hair length in hot water and pour it over your scalp and keep massaging for a while. After about an hour, wash off your head with cool water.

  1. Aloe Vera

The best home remedy for almost every problem is Aloe Vera. It makes your hair healthier, shinier, stronger, boosts your hair growth and reduces the hair fall. Take the pulp out of the stalk and apply it on your scalp and the tips. Rinse your hair after about 40-45 minutes. To get the best results, do this 3-4 times a week.

Try out above-mentioned tips and remedies and take good care of your hair especially when you have recently got a hair transplantation done.


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