How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Fireplace And Chimney

Chimney cleaning is hard work and it is quite important if you wish to keep your fireplace maintained and working at maximum efficiency. The regular use of the fireplace creates deposits of creosote in the chimney blocking the flow of air through it.

Clean the Chimney Regularly

Creosote deposits prevents the oxygen flow from reaching the fire which as you know is necessary for it to burn properly or the fire generates lesser heat. Cleaning creosote from inside the chimney is tough work and is better left to professionals. So, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable chimney contractor and get your chimney cleaned. A clean chimney can turn out to be the biggest factor behind your fireplace working efficiently.

Controlling the Damper

Dampers also play an important role in keeping the fireplace working at its maximum capacity. Leaving the dampers open not only causes the loss of heat from inside the house but also lets the cold air enter the house. It is one of the most common mistakes that many people make. However, it is recommended to open the damper when you have a fire burning as this allows the oxygen to enter and carbon monoxide to exit from your house. While it burns, the fire releases carbon monoxide which is invisible and odorless but can cause breathing problems and many dangerous lung diseases if inhaled by the residents. Leaving the damper open, lets all the carbon monoxide flow out, leaving your family protected from its effects.

Tempered Glass Doors and Insert

If you haven’t already, you should get tempered glass doors installed at your fireplace along with an air-heat exchange system also known as the fireplace insert. Tempered glass doors help in keeping the heat gathered inside the fireplace while the insert blows that heat inside the house. Having the glass doors and the air-heat exchanger installed keeps dangerous gases, that are released because of the burning of the logs or coals, out while letting in only the much-needed hot air. If you already have the whole thing installed, make sure it is working properly and at full efficiency by thoroughly cleaning out the insert.

The Damper Seals

The seals around your damper flue can also be the culprit behind the loss of heat that you may be suffering. The seals become loose every so often allowing the heat to fly out through the chimney without you even knowing about it as educated by chimney cleaning services. Loose flue seals are very hard to detect and trying to replace them yourself can result in worsening the situation and complicating things more. Trying your hand at it first can also increase the cost of repairs. So, it is recommended to engage a reliable chimney contractor for the task rather than trying any DIY methods. Once the seals have been fixed, you’ll experience the difference almost immediately.

Insulating the Chimney

Another thing that can help you improve and increase the efficiency of the heat is having the chimney of your house insulated. It is in fact, one of the best options to go for if you wish to optimize the efficiency of your fireplace. The insulation liners not only improve the overall production of heat but also protect the masonry work of your chimney from the byproducts of fire like creosote. Call in a chimney contractor to get an estimate of chimney insulation, believe us you will not be disappointed.

Get Your Chimney Inspected

If you are not sure about the health and condition of your chimney, get it inspected by a professional chimney contractor annapolis as it is crucial for maintaining the maximum efficiency of your fireplace. In fact, a chimney inspection is something that should be conducted annually, right before the start of the cold weather. This way you will be informed about any major repairs or part replacements well before they are needed. This will also save you the trouble of going through all of the above points we mentioned in this post, leaving you and your family fully prepared to face the winters comfortably. You understand that a fully functioning fireplace and damage-free chimney can save you a lot of money that you may otherwise have to spend on energy costs.


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