How to get the great hair extensions?

Hair extensions can turn your fantasy to reality. Do you have thin, weak hair that is easily damaged and which seems not to grow?Do you dream of a lush and impeccable hair? You want once for all the length and volume of your hair without additional damage? There are no limits to your wishes. No matter if you have high and low tails, bun and all other hairstyles, all is impossible with these hair extensions.

Real human hair

A new trend in the world of hair extensions and thickening is “anything is possible“. A fantastic selection of colors, structure, size, and shape of implants. You don’t have too much freedom to choose a hairstyle to suit your preferences and mood. It’s a 100% real human, natural hair. For these extensions used only the healthy hair of Indian women. As this unique quality of hair not to suffer any changes, we used refined processing techniques that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

If you ask yourself “how I’ll find a good hair extensions salon”? our studio is the best answer for you. We can safely maintain your newly built extension and our professional team of hairdressers will ensure you the best look.

Hair extensions Installation procedure

  1. Consultation

Consultation with the client is essential. It consists of explaining how to use the extensions that make it an appearance more beautiful and natural. The attention is paid to the wishes of the client, the type of hair and hair maintenance habits.

  1. Preparation of hair

Hair must be cleaned at least three times to remove dirt, grease, and other assets on the hair that could interfere the linking of extensions.

  1. Splitting hair into sections

Division of hair into sections provides control and accuracy of the final result.

  1. A process of attaching extension

Standard technique – allows for the first time in the world connecting extension with natural hair long and without harmful effects. Compounds that are filled with husky bonding, are slowly softened and thus becomes a fine round joints. It has covered with the top of the hair and thus remains invisible.

The end result is a great, soft, long and flowing hair, silky to the touch. It’s preferable to visit the hairdresser every month to well comb the extensions. Using quality products and special brushes for extensions, they can last 4-6 months. It’s important to emphasize that human hair extensions rockville can be removed without damaging your natural hair.


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