Different Types of Tents You Can Choose from

If you want to have outside wedding, you will be needed wedding tent rental to make it an outstanding event. Do you have ideas about the types of tents? What kind of tents will be perfect for your wedding? And not only wedding, but tents are also required for camping and all. Before deciding the size or material of the tent, you should know different types of tents you can have on rent. Here are the popular types. Check out-

  1. Traditional A-Frame Tents
  • The name suggests the type. It is the conventional type of tent which is familiar to you.
  • When erected, the tent takes an ‘A’ shape.
  • Though these tents are lightweight, the additional tarp for weather protection makes it heavy to carry.
  • The steeps are sloping and that is the hindrance of standing well inside the tent.
  • Also the tent is not very spacious.
  • There are two poles at each end of the tent that form an apex and there is also a ridgepole that goes through the center.
  1. Tunnel Tents
  • These tents are stable enough to protect against rough breeze.
  • The tunnel tent is usually made up of two or more poles which go through the width of the construction.
  • The shape of the tent gives enough space inside and also provide head room.
  • Though the durability and strength varies, this tent is much sturdier than other varieties.
  1. Modified A-Frame Tent
  • Though the style is almost like the traditional one, but the main difference is that the poles used here are curved instead of straight poles.
  • Thus, this tent has more space and head room.
  • It gives you complete coverage from rain and you don’t need to carry the extra load of the tarp.
  1. Hoop Tents
  • The curved poles at either ends make the tent spacious and also stable enough than others.
  • To get maximum pitching, the guy ropes must be tied with sturdy pegs.
  • Usually, the three arched frame makes the tent the maximum height and more space than other types.
  • If you are camping at a place with snow and rain fall, this tent is the best choice for the sloping shape.
  • It is the lightest tent to carry.

You will be needed sitting arrangements and other materials while party tent rentals md. When taking tents on rent, you should ask the provider about the table and chair rentals also. Without tables and chairs, no party can be organized.


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