Colorado Mountain High Is Taking on a Whole New Meaning

On the Not so Bad:

Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has drawn the attention of every state in the nation, with Denver leading as the state’s largest provider of marijuana products, from e-cigarettes to cookies. People from both sides of the fence are watching closely to see if there will be any repercussions from this decision.

From the elderly to young people in business suits or blue jeans, people are lining up at pot shops to place their orders. Approximately 6 months into the legalization of weed in the state of Colorado, weed vaporizer shops are popping up all over the place such as for example VaporPlants. Tax dollars are gushing in, crime seems to be down, and various concerns have not materialized, as of yet.

Denver has approximately 340 + recreational and medicinal marijuana shops, with sales well over $200 million, and $10 million in sales taxes. No one is really sure if there will be unintended consequences at this time, but many are still keeping their eyes wide open. Law enforcement said that robberies had dropped approximately 5% just after the first several months of legalized pot.

While all might be well and good in Denver, neighboring states such as Nebraska have experienced extreme numbers of pot confiscation, skyrocketing upward of 400%. New Mexico and Wyoming have not experienced any impact whatsoever.

See who Else Is Jumping on the Bandwagon:

With the state of Washington passing legalization of marijuana, 20 stores now have approved licenses. They have received over 2,600 applications, but have approved less than 80 of these applications.

The state of Alaska will have a vote on the ballot in the fall, and legalization looks probable in both Oregon and the District of Columbia.

On the Not so Good:

Founder of Smart Colorado, Gina Carbone, believes the state has put business interests before the best interests of younger kids. With Colorado’s commercialization of pot, many kids perceive marijuana as something that is healthy and good for them. She went on to state that even before pot’s legalization in Colorado, the use of marijuana among eighth-graders was much higher there than in other states.

Although Colorado has an age limit of 21, are parents allowing their kids to indulge in laced cookies and candies? Retailers are abiding by the laws, and no one has been caught selling to minors, or at least law enforcement has failed to catch anyone doing so.

Safety is a concern with this new marijuana market for some, as more people are being able to sign up for medical marijuana. Healthier alternatives are being offered to the cannabis users, such as using marijuana vaporizer to vaporize the weed instead of burning it. While the medical marijuana dispensaries are focusing on selling cannabis in child proof containers. With a price tag around $60 for one-eighth of an ounce. There are people who voted for the passage of legalization, but are concerned about children getting into the candies and cookies, and the effect this will have on them.

What Will the Future Hold?:

Are we all na├»ve enough to believe that all parents are conscientious and will keep pot away from the kids? There are parents that have let their kids have parties with liquor for many years, what’s to prevent introducing a little marijuana into the mix?

Are Children Going to School High as a Kite? How Well Will Their Education Level Fare?

Are states that are passing legalization of marijuana more concerned about the increased revenue than the wellbeing of their constituents? Is greed the driving factor in this legislation, or do these states really believe the added revenue will prove beneficial to all? There are many questions regarding the legalization of grass, and only time will tell whether this is a good solution to revenue problems, or something that will surface as a major social problem.


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  1. Anthony A. Humphries on February 9, 2015

    I would disagree with saying that if marijuana is legalized, kids and young adults will go crazy, and start overdosing, well you just cant overdose on a naturally grown plant, cannabis. We have people overdosing with alcohol and medical prescription drugs, we don’t see large pharmaceutical companies taking their pills off of the counter, which do kill. A person driving under the influence of alcohol is 36 times more likely to crash. A person driving under the influence of cannabis is 2 as likely to crash, with that said, no one should drive under the influence of anything, but people still do it. I have worked with and used dry herbs for many medicinal purposes, from pain to aromatherapy. I am glad I was introduced and have used many older models of vaporizers. The technology world has definitely advanced over the years much to my pleasure, key is healthier. Do get a vaporizer with highest quality, I use the Volcano by storz and bickel, the best construction and deliverance of herbal vapors that are truly clean, pure and effective! I have also been suffering from year-round sinus and allergy conditions. I use eucalyptus daily! The dry herbs with volcano vaporizer has given a whole new meaning to sinus relief. Don’t just take one side of the story without knowing the other side, there are 3 sides to a story, yours, theirs, and the truth.

  2. Jake Eli on July 23, 2016

    I agree with Anthony about kids and adults. Yes, we do need to regulate it, since there are enough fake and spiked drugs on the streets. Lets get real people, prohibition never worked, and never will, people do as they decide to. A person should not go to prison for a bag of marijuana that is used recreational setting. Once marijuana got legalized in Colorado, all of the drug dealers moved out, since they could not make any money with dispensaries. Crime rate lower, taxes are in surplus, and no one still has no dies from overdose on marijuana!