Get the Help of Bathroom Remodeling Company to Add Space to Your Cramped Bathroom

A bathroom remodeling contractor is the best choice you’ve got if you are sick and tired of your cramped bathroom. Using their creativity, they can help transform your overcrowded bathroom into your personal oasis in no time.

Storage is a Priority

Small bathrooms must make the most out of all the available space. Since the sink or vanity top is usually the sole counter surface inside a tiny bathroom, people often forget about the wall space for extra storage solutions.

Expert contractors can start with the wall corners which offer a few square inches. If there is a corner toilet or sink, they can suggest installing build storage units or shelves below or above each fixture to use the space properly. Wall containers, a medicine cabinet, and floating shelves are all wonderful choices. If the space is too tight, cloth bins, wicker baskets, and storage caddies can be placed under the sink for storing toilet paper, excess shampoo, and other necessities.

Go Vertical

If you have minimal space but you refuse to skimp on décor and style, your contractor can go vertical. They can help you put a decorative ladder or even a narrow cabinet for holding small baskets of sponges or soap, towels, and candles. You can also emphasize height through adding floor to ceiling tile in your bathroom. While mosaic and subway tiles alike make a wonderful backsplash, these also add a touch of elegance when you create floor to ceiling shower application. When opting for tile, avoid the large square tiles that can give a heavy look to your backsplash.

Light It Up

A lustrous mirror is the very best friend that any small space can ever have. You can break up visual cluster and amplify light with mirrors. Instead of placing a small mirror on top of your sink, try to be creative. You can cluster several mirrors of different sizes, textures, and colors, or you can also go for an oversized statement mirror to achieve an eclectic display.

If you want to up the brightness in your bathroom, you can also install an adjustable pendant lighting above your bathroom sink. Then, adjust the lights in several directions so that every light will highlight each cranny and nook in your bathroom, instead of just focusing on a single centralized area.

You can choose a reliable home improvement company dc to help you in remodeling your cramped bathroom, and transform it to a spacious sanctuary.


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