A comprehensive buyer’s guide on antique rugs!

Buy antique rugs is really a great move to get artistic and aesthetic appeal in your property. To be considered antique, the rug needs to be at least 80-100 years old. The rug must look great piece of art. A general misconception prevails that antique pieces will cost more than the new rug. Those intending to make investment on rugs must consider buying the one which has great resale value. There are various tips to follow when you purchase the rugs.

The current design market!

The color, the look, pattern and appeal of the rugs determine whether they would rule the market or not. The American market focuses on the decorative element. Other market may base the choices on quality. The Oushak rug, for instance, is greatly affected by the pattern and the all over designed rugs are priced 30% lower than the real antique rugs. Choose the rug which has a beautiful center design and which aligns with the décor element of the room.

Buying as per the budget!

In any kind of purchase, the budget is most important. Consider your budget and choose the rug accordingly. The price of the rug may vary as per the age, the quality and condition of the rug. But then, there are few stores that generally charge more than others. You need to be aware of such stores. Making price comparisons online between the stores can help to arrive at the budget friendly antique rug stores. The general logic is, better the condition of the rug more will be its price.

Checking the edges for frays!

When buying the antique rug, you need to meticulously check the edges for frays. If the edges are already frayed, there is no point in buying that. Since the rug will unravel quickly and will need very costly repairs.

Handmade or machine made?

It will be great to buy a handmade piece. To ensure that machine is not being used, you can directly ask the dealer or flip the rug onto the other side. If the front portion looks identical to the flipped portion, it is handmade.

Disreputable dealers try to bluff the buyers by selling painted rugs. To make sure that the dye of the rug is not fabricated, rub a damp cloth over the rug. You also need to inspect the rug for signs of faux-aging. You can also visit antique rug store in Virginia, if you want to get a perfect piece that can enhance the overall look of your home for ages.


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