7 Office Supplies Every Home Office Should Go Without

The idea of setting up a home office is increasing each year. For entrepreneurs, it is the perfect arrangement especially when the business is in the early stages, budget is restricted, and no credit is available. For people working as a home-based employee or online freelancer, it is a necessity to have a spot at home that you could claim as workspace to set a division between your house duties and work tasks.

Home Office Features

Your office at home does not necessarily have to be situated in a large area. It can be a nook in the corner or a small space in your room; as long as, it will allow you to work efficiently and comfortably and specified space will be able to accommodate all office essentials. Running an office at home is similar to having a workspace in an office minus the co-workers adjacent. So, the basic office supplies and devices should be present as well.

Seven Basic Home Office Essentials

  1. Office furniture and Storage supplies

A home office can either be fully furnished or be outfitted with a functional desk and comfortable office chair – whichever will suit your budget and preference. However, considering the size of the office area, it is practical to go for the latter option. You simply have to buy a desk and chair. And then add storage pieces such as trays, shelves, and cabinets.

  1. Good working computer plus a High-speed Internet connection.

This is the life of the home office. For obvious reasons, an entrepreneur cannot run his home or online business without a computer and Internet. And an online home-based employee or freelancer cannot work on his tasks without one of these. So invest on a dependable computer and contract a high-speed Internet service provider to ensure no work interruptions.

  1. Small home office printer equipped with printing supplies.

Working in the convenience of your home does not prevent you from needing physical copies of documents and other work-related paperwork. Hence, it is good to have a printer nearby complete with a stock of ink for inkjet printers and remanufactured toner cartridges or refill kits equipped with how to refill toner instructions for laser printers.

  1. External devices and Data Storage.

Day in day out, multiple file exchanges transpire. Some of these files need to be kept, transferred or moved for future references, to complete certain projects, and update tasks. In order to keep up with this demand, external devices and data storage are necessary. This includes memory cards, memory sticks, CDs, and disks.

  1. Paper and Stationery.

There are various types of paper that a home office needs. Basically paper for printing, copying, faxing, note taking, and what’s not.

  1. Desk supplies.

These are diminutive supplies that you cannot go without. Writing tools such as pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters for note taking, drafting, and document signing. Also, correcting materials including ink, eraser, and correction tape to remedy writing errors. And other supplies purposely for specific tasks e.g. tape, stamp pads and its ink, and rubber bands.

  1. Binding and Organization office supplies.

These are supplies necessary to consolidate and file documents – paper clips, pins, stapler and staple wire, glue, paper fasteners, paper clamps, and file folders for personnel files or legal documents.

The number 7 just might bring you luck with your home office setup. So may it be for business purposes or home-based work, ensure that you checked off the list before you occupy your office space at home.


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