Are Cannabis Vaporizers a Safe Way to Smoke Herbs?

Basically, people smoke herbs in various ways and these include the use of cannabis oil vaporizers. The reason behind it is that it’s a harm-reduced way to smoke weed and can be a good choice for those who are being health conscious.

What Should Young You Know about Cannabis Vaporizers?

These devices use heat for vaporizing herbal smoke, tobacco, weed or liquid, which is inhaled in aerosolized form. It’s packed with active ingredients cannabinoids and THC. If you have seen an e-cig, you have seen a vaporizer technology at your work. Vaporizers may get costly and usually range in price from 100 to a few hundred dollars. Research was done on the associated health risks with either vaporizer or herbs use. But, research done on this subject recommends that using vaporizers might be easier on lungs compared to some techniques of smoking herbs.

What Your Research Shows?

In a study wherein smokers were recruited through online and asked short list of some questions, the researchers found that participants who used cannabis vaporizers reported chest tightness, less cough, and phlegm. Reduced self-reported pulmonary symptoms as well as vaporizer use are associated measures. There is no casualty may be inferred from such results. In short, you do not know for sure if vaporizers will result to less chest tightness, cough, and phlegm. The only thing you know is that individuals have experienced reduced symptoms after using cannabis vaporizers.

However, several experts hypothesize that the reason cannabis vaporizers can result in reduced lung irritation is due to the vapor that contains cannabinoids and THC and no junks. Other research suggested that a lot of people who use vaporizers for smoking herbs believe that vaporizers are much healthier.

It is important to take note that evidence that suggested people who smoke vaporizers report less wheezing, cough, mucus production, shortness of breath, and more, current research is rife and conclusive with the cofounding factors. For example, it is not clear whether individuals who choose to use the vaporizers are more athletic and health conscious. This reports fewer symptoms associated in spite of their chosen smoking instrument. Moreover, cognitive dissonance can play an important role in perception. In short, individuals can report only fewer lung problems since they use cannabis vaporizers for safety.

Are Cannabis Vaporizers the Healthiest Option for You?

Even if it makes sense that cannabis vaporizers are healthier and cleaner compared to other methods, more research requires to be done before you can suss out this wise guess. It’s required to have results from long-term study, which examined those who smoked herbs in vaporizers in comparison to those who did not.

Although smoking herbs using a mini tank vaporizer or any vaporizers can reduce pulmonary symptoms, it does not mean that doing so would give you freedom from some adverse effects. For instance, between nine and twelve percent of herbs users are dependent on drugs. In addition to that, herbs use is linked to structural brain changes and impaired driving in adolescents.


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