Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

You will not see it right away when there is a cracked sewer line. There are times when a cracked foundation could mean that there is a crack in the sewer line. However, there are also some obvious signs indicating that something is wrong. You should know about the small details that show you there is a damaged sewer line. If you experience any of the signs mentioned here, contact any of the reputable drain contractors in your area so they can come right away. Having your sewer inspected by a professional can save you a lot of money because when the damage gets worse, you will end up paying more and it could get devastating.

These are the signs of Damaged Sewer Line

If you see molds

If your sewer lines have breaks, you might see mold growth behind walls of your home. There are molds that only require a 55% level of humidity for them to start appearing and growing. If you find mold growth anywhere in the house and you smell an odor, there is a possibility of a crack in the sewer line and you need to act fast.

Slow drain

In a normal sewage system, the sewer needs to flow smoothly without any delays. However, a reduction in the speed flow is noticeable if you have a broken sewer line. This could be because of 2 reasons which could either be because of blockage or the sewer line is damaged. In terms of normal obstruction, it is simple to fix an issue, but in case there is pipe damage, a plumber should be consulted right away.


Even if this sounds gross, rats linger in the sewers and they can get to your main pipe lines even if they are mostly living in the city.  A normal-sized rat can easily fit through pipe cracks or an opening in the sewer which is about ¾ inches in size. Rodents cause the spread of a lot of life-threatening diseases. There are diseases that could be transmitted just by sniffing dust that has rat urine and droppings. If you see signs that rats are living in your sewers, call a sewer line cleaning service so they can use a sewer camera and check for rats. This way, you will see the entire sewer and find out if there are rodents that could threaten your life.

Septic waste pool

A sign that is easily seen that you may have a broken sewer pipe is a septic waste water pool appearing in the lawn or yard. This could be coming from a damaged septic tank, blocked drain fields, or the main line is cracked. Most of the time, the problem is found right under the sewer waste water pool.

Patches in the grass

As people are aware, sewage is a fertilizer for vegetation. There are times when you might see dense grass patches or there is fresh green grass surrounding the passage of the drainage pipe. This should be a very clear sign of a damaged sewer line.

Blockage and backups

Sewer backups often happen in the open drain located at the lowest level. If you see that there is a backup each time you flush or while water runs down the sink, drain or bathtub, then most likely you have a sewer line problem. The reason for this is that all drains are reliant on the sewer’s main line. Having regular backups could be a sign of damaged sewer lines or they could be deteriorating already. In case you experience blockage or backups even after pipe cleaning, then there might be an underlying issue like intrusion of tree roots, channeling, cracks that allow surrounding soil to enter, or if there is a pipe connection that’s out of line.

Foundation cracks

The floors and slabs are the place where sewer lines run. There are times when there is a leak in the drainage pipe that go undetected. This is going to cause foundation problems found on the walls and floors.  You will start to see cracks when this happens.

Watch out for these signs to determine if you need to deal with a damaged sewer line. Start calling the reputable drain cleaning companies manhattan.twitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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