Drawbacks of buying or hiring linen table cloths

The importance of linen table cloths, chair covers and sashes provided by Lenin rentals is increasing the grandeur and style of   a wedding party cannot be underestimated. A wedding banquet can be made awesome by proper and balanced use of these matters.

Why is it so costly?

When you have decided on the venue of the event, you may be shocked to hear the price quoted for linen. It comes about hundreds of dollars above the price of the reception.  You may even suspect that the wedding function is going to rip you off.  Let me explain you something in this regard.  Steaming the linen and ironing is not an easy task. At least two employees in the party rentals have to work for 4-8 hours to complete the work depending upon the number of guests attending the reception. Similarly cleaning the linen owned by party rentals is also very tedious and troublesome. Considering these aspects one can easily understand the charges they levy towards Lenin rentals is not too much considering the fact that the wedding planner has to make arrangements for removing the waste produced by the guests. They also have to remove the dirt and stains left after the celebrations are over.

At this juncture I wish to state that sometimes one may be tempted to think that DIY approach can lead to good savings. But this is not correct in my opinion.

Problem with renting linen from Lenin rentals

Let me tell you some of my experience stories in support of my claim. Recently one wedding party opted for renting the linen through an online store. Once the linen was brought, it was noticed that it is full of dirt, stain and folds. He has to employ some laborers to wash, clean, iron and make the linen look fresh and attractive. It cost him too heavy and he started blaming his mistake in renting the linen for the party from party rentals.

Problem with going for used linen

I also know the experience story of another bride who opted for buying used linen through eBay.  In fact, it will be difficult to purchase linen according to the sizes and numbers needed by you. The person who is selling the linen after using it for her wedding celebration may not be having the same numbers and sizes of linen as needed by you. So, even if you clearly specify your requirement when the product comes to you there can be little variations in sizes, though the total number may remain the same. So for saving small amount of money by not opting for Lenin rentals, that friend of mine has ridiculously destroyed the style and décor of the well planned wedding reception.


Wedding is the most glorious event in everybody’s life. So in my opinion it is better not to go for seemingly small gains by opting for used linen or by entrusting the work to party rentals. It is better that you entrust this work to the wedding planner itself. He will be the best person to manage everything related to the wedding function.redditpinterestlinkedinmail

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