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The Blank Page of Cooking - Winter

November 4, 2009

Now that I'm living in the northern climes Vancouver, one of the things I really miss about LA is the year-round farmers markets and their fresh local produce. The funny thing is, I never took advantage of it while I lived there, but now that the opportunity isn't there at all I miss it a lot.

Vancouver's farmers markets only last through the growing season, from late spring to mid-fall and then it switches to one location which for me is inconvenient since it would involve an extra commute and $5 in bus fare. A steep price when you're used to walking.


[photo courtesy of xalk]

During the summer my shopping and meal strategy involved going to the Main Street farmers market, getting two shopping bags full of whatever produce looked good and whatever protein was available and then building my meals for the week around that. I made some delightful things with that strategy.


[photo courtesy of Xavier Encinas]

It worked well because it gave me parameters to build off of. Now I'm faced with an empty frige. It's the equivalent of a blank page, and any artist, designer, or writer will tell you that there is nothing worse for inspiration than a blank page.

Dinner tomorrow night? Who knows? Probably not squash. Dave is getting tired of squash. My fault. Too much too early in the season. I'm going to still try to buy local and seasonal, but it's going to be a lot harder to stick with the program (California artichokes and asparagus, oh how you tempt me in all your black carbon footprinted glory).

I'll just have cruise my cookbooks and online sources for recipes. Any recipe. So many to choose from, so hard to decide.


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