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My First Account Planning Con

August 01, 2007

This Sunday is actually a pretty big day for me. First I will be celebrating my birthday with friends over a dim sum brunch in Chinatown. Then I will be catching the train from Union Station to San Diego to attend my first planning conference. Three days of research and brand strategy goodness. Oh, and there will be some drinking. Many bar visits are expected and bonding over booze I can only assume will be the norm. Which should be fun considering that I am, if anything, known for holding my liquor and being gracious while inebriated.

[photo by russell davies]

On second thought, maybe I should hold off on the alcohol.

There has been much planning conference bashing going around the interwebs, and I have to admit that the cynicism has made me less excited about the day programs, but it has yet to squelch my interest in meeting other planners. Especially those planners who's blogs I read and whom I've met virtually.

[photo by Bernard-SD]

FYI - Facebook has been a godsend for networking with other account planners. I would have never thought that the Plannersphere group would ever get to 580 strong and climbing.

[photo by Bernard-SD]

So there you have it. Cynicism blended with anticipation. It's just a hunch, but I foresee a lot of panel ditching in favor of a quick dip in the pool.


Piers Fawkes says:

Thursday 2, 2007

See you there!

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