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Not My Intention

April 05, 2006

A little while back I was feeling hard pressed for blog material, so I decided to pull a Kathy Sierra and share a bit of expertise concerning something I wasn't particularly passionate about, but I knew was useful and not necessarily common knowledge. I wrote about leather care.

This post generated two comments which ultimately confused me. One from Australia used the contraction (at least I assume it was a contraction) of "relo." Another used two acronyms (once again, not sure about that), "ijwo" and "bwec." My readers were commenting in tongues and I was thoroughly frightened. I mean for Christ sake, it's just leather care!

I sent the comments to The Zen Master, who is both fluent in L33T and obscure technical acronyms, hoping that he could shed some light on this phenomenon. He emailed me back with the search results for "leather, oil, and dominatrix" and the advice that I enjoy the traffic. Apparently Google ranks my blog second for the combination of those terms. Ooops.

Who says sex doesn't sell?!


Occulator says:

Monday 8, 2006

Mazel tov. Now Googling that yields you as number one.

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