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April 2005 Archives

Scraping the Bottom

Friday 29, 2005

Ad:Tech is a tri-annual interactive advertising and marketing conference held in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. The industry's best and brightest show up schmooze, speak, learn, and party.

This year the San Francisco meeting invited bloggers to broadcast their impressions in semi-real time. This is great for people who want to go, but don’t have the personal capital or company backing to buy a ticket and finance the trip. People, like myself.

There was one entry that struck me as just plain wrong on multiple levels. Brad Waller has an entry under Exhibit Hall Observations entitled Booth Babes and Other Attractions, which talked about Search Engine Optimization, Inc.'s strategy of using a couple buxom girls in tight tank tops emblazoned with the catch phrase of "Wanna be on Top?" to attract attention from potential customers.

Now, I don't want to come off like a bra-burner, and I'm not about to claim that sex doesn't sell (it always has and it always will), but this is an awfully base stunt for a professional conference with a good portion of attendees being educated females. Why would any professional services firm alienate half of their potential audience?

The post has been edited significantly to remove the author's juvenile odes of appreciation for the booth babes since I first read it, but I'm still a little irked.

Both Mr. Waller and SEO, Inc. could have shown some class.

Go Big Red!

Friday 29, 2005

Partly because it's never too early to prepare for the next election, and partly because I'm still bitter about the outcome of the last election; I give you..... Red State Colluge Wear!


Imagine the ability to show your political alignment and IQ level at the same time! It's like getting your chocolate and your peanut butter! I'm so happy I could burn a cross!

The Gay Agenda

Thursday 28, 2005

My mother will be pleased to know that "marraige to life partner" is not on the list.

Pizza Imitates Art

Thursday 28, 2005

Is it just me, or does anyone else find these pizza portraits of the royal family just plain creepy?


[lifted off of Shiny Shiny]

Cell Phone Convergence

Wednesday 27, 2005

How did I manage to be on a phone call with someone in Philadelphia and somehow get both another phone call and a text message all at once?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a conspiracy to prey on my hatred of call-waiting.

Relative Praise

Tuesday 26, 2005

These are my family's reactions to my blog:

Mother: Why are you doing this?

Father: I read some of it. Something about Gary, but there was just too much to go through.

Sister: It was wierd, but I liked it. Don't hook up with some psycho from the inannet.

I can always count on the people I have a genetic commonality with to take the fizzy out of my funny.

How Do I Love Interactive Marketing, Let Me Count the Ways...

Tuesday 26, 2005

It's my roommate's birthday barbeque and I manage to find the one former ad guy to have a little pow-wow with and discuss print (Murray's expertise) vs. interactive (my vested interest) advertising. I'm beginning to wonder if I have any shame at all.

The discussion mostly focused on the movement towards accountability in marketing efforts. As a print designer for a traditional ad agency, tracking and ROI was not a factor. We went back and forth over the pros and cons from an agency perspective and I understood where he was coming from.
Being held accountable is scary. Clients can be unreasonable and expect immediate and astronomical results from an ad that was geared to brand a product or service (or whatnot) and this can adversely affect the agency/client relationship and consequently your livelihood. That is enormously frightening.

My view is this - What kind of marketer would I be if I had no clue as to the amount of return I was getting for every dollar in my budget? I would have absolutely no footing to defend or increase my budget during the next fiscal year and rightfully so.

That's why I am having an unrequited love affair with interactive. With a print ad you have pretty good idea how many people saw that ad, at what time period, and whether or not sales grew as a result. Could other factors have played a role in said growth? Sure, but as far as you're concerned, the ad was successful.

With an interactive ad you can tell exactly how many people saw your ad and for how long. You can tell if they played with the interface, you know if they clicked through, bought the product or service, or just found out more information. You can find out if they came back later to make a purchase, or if seeing the ad a second or a third time made a difference. The list goes on.
It turns advertising into a grand experiment tempered with a goal in mind! How awesome is that? It's really awesome.

These people get it.

People Love Pictures

Monday 25, 2005

And I'm crazy about this photo over on Dooce's site.

Oops, I Sing This Song Better Than You

Sunday 24, 2005

I am not a big fan of cover or tribute bands unless they're actually bringing something interesting to the mix. Super Diamond, I couldn't care less; Flock of Goo Goo with Gabby doing the Maniac dance, now that's a fun show.

Then I'm on BoingBoing (they rock my world) and I hear about Max Raabe, a German crooner who covers pop tunes in a 1920's Jazz Baby kind of style. It's hysterical, original, and incredibly creative. I would consider it more of an iconoclastic approach to popular music.

Hear Max invoke his stylings to the music of:
Brittney Spears
I recognize the song, but I can't remeber the artist

I checked Pollstar and couldn't find any listings for tour dates. Plus, his website is completely in German so I'm not holding my breath for a stateside tour, but I'm wishing for it very hard. (Maybe he could play my birthday?)

Annual Birthday Extravaganza Ideas

Friday 22, 2005

Every year I don't just have a birthday party, I have a birthday extravaganza! It usually involves a bar, my friends, a tiara, a pretty new dress, a good band (or at least a good DJ), and lots of alcohol. It sounds simple, but that's why it's so great - virtually no pressure on me for anything except showing up. I can handle that.

This year I may do something slightly different. Picture this:

Hart Park
Covert martinis and other refined mixed libations
The Ditty Bops
All my friends dressed in only the finest hats and gloves
And last but not least....

The Titanic themed air slide and moonbounce!


Dare to dream.

And I Was Afraid They Wouldn't Get It

Friday 22, 2005

Now I'm looking forward to meeting female communications visionaries who also have a great sense of humor. Thanks Elisa!

Goin' to BlogHer

Thursday 21, 2005

It was all Ms. Jen's idea, but I'm really looking forward to meeting fellow female bloggers. We'll share ideas about creating better sites and generating traffic, socialize, geek out, braid each other’s hair, exchange dating and make-up tips, and (one last lie, just for the boys) have lots of pillow fights in our underwear.
The best part is a road trip to the Bay Area and roadside fresh cherry stands. Mmmm... fresh cherries.

Lesiure World Bound

Wednesday 20, 2005

This is Millbrook, the angry retiree. Surprisingly enough, this picture was just taken last December by my friend Lucky as a Christmas present for Tiffany, my trainer. I think he held up for only a couple more lessons after that picture was taken and then we just couldn't get him back to 100%.

Well, this is his dedication. Millbrook was one of the best horses I've ever ridden. A real athlete with tons of presence and a great mind. He did whatever I asked of him and never thought twice. The kids always loved to see me make him dance (picture the hippos from Fantasia, large and elegant all at once).
I will miss having a horse that I partnered so well with. He always tried to assume the alpha stance with me, but every so often he would sneak up behind me and nuzzle my ear. I will miss that most of all.

I'll always have cookies for my cranky old man.

Alien Who?

Wednesday 20, 2005

My friend Gary's (you'll be reading a lot about him, great guy, endless source of material) favorite movies are Goodfella's and Starship Troopers.
Knowing this, he was the first person I called when I found out that there was going to be a special screening of Spaceship 90210 at the Skirball Cultural Center. I considered this to be just another sign of the apocalypse; he considered it a gift from the heavens.
Me: (reading from the synopsis) "berserker aliens, coed shower scenes..."
Gary: BUGS! Does it mention bugs?!
Me: Berserker aliens. They're berserker alien bugs.
Gary: They're not aliens, they're bugs.
Me: They're bugs from another planet, therefore they are alien.
Gary: Aliens are little green men with big eyes. Starship Troopers had bugs.
Me: Gary, an alien is a foreign entity. Something strange, from somewhere else.
Gary: You're an alien.
Me: Gary.
Gary: Yes.
Me: I have to blog now.
Gary: Okay.

Back in the Saddle

Wednesday 20, 2005

Millbrook, my cranky old man, had to be retired. My trainer had put him on stall rest since January and injected his hocks to no avail. We just couldn't keep him sound. So he's on indefinite stall rest and daily turnouts, and hating every minute of it, and I was left without a horse.

Until last Saturday.

My trainer had approached another boarder who had recently retrained her jumper to be an equitation horse (I know this makes no sense to the lay, but if you're actually interested I'll be glad to explain the nuances) and didn't want to sell him, but had to get a new horse to do the jumper division. She asked if I could possibly use the horse for my lessons and the owner agreed.

I saw the owner's husband, Ralph, on the way in and thanked him profusely for the opportunity. He said that the situation made sense. They got some economic relief from supporting two horses and felt that I would take care of the animal much the way Jacque, the owner, would. I almost cried and had to walk away quickly in order to avoid any emotional overload.

Then I had my lesson. The horse took some getting used to. He's a very sensitive guy and I was afraid we wouldn't get along, but as soon as we started jumping I knew we were clicking. He was very cautious about the fences and was always a little sticky off the ground on the first approach, but glided over the obstacles smoothly by the second time around.

He's going to take some getting used to, but I'm very glad to say that I have a new (gelded) man in my life. I hope Katanga and I will be good partners until the day I'm ready to buy my own horse.

PS: If you know anyone with a pasture who is looking for a large horse to go trail riding with, then have I got a deal for you!

About Me

Tuesday 19, 2005

100 Meaningless Facts About Lauren

1. My name is Lauren Isaacson.
2. I grew up and now live in Southern California.
3. I work for an interactive advertising agency as an Account Planner.
4. I LOVE the Internet.
5. I have experience helping major companies translate their brands onto the Internet through market research and strategic planning.
6. I have an MBA.
7. I ride horses. For fellow equestrian addicts - English, Hunter/Jumpers.
8. I am in a committed relationship with a very hot brain.
9. Both of my parents are still together and I do laundry at their house as often as possible. I don't know of any laundromat in the county that offers Mom's cooking 24/7 and doesn’t require quarters.
10. My drink of choice is a tequila martini made with a good silver tequila, not the gasoline. It's like having a really strong, sophisticated margarita.
11. I'm a Leo.
12. I have a younger sister in vet school.
13. The first two years of vet school were spent in the Caribbean. Pirates not included.
14. I was raised Jewish and still consider myself a member of the tribe even though I don't practice.
15. I was born on an Air Force base.
16. I have been a bridesmaid a total of once.
17. In 1999 I came in eighth at the San Fernando Valley Medal Finals. At the time it was a big deal. The next year I went off course. At the time that was also a big deal. I couldn't stop crying, so my Dad handed me a shot of tequila. I'm over it now, but I still get embarrassed about it sometimes.
18. I have brown hair.
19. My eyes are green, sometimes blue, depending on the light.
20. My favorite movie is Fight Club.
21. I'm 5'4".
22. Sometimes insipid romantic movies make me cry. Call me a sissy and I'll claw your eyes out.
23. My toenails are usually painted Fuchsia Chrome.
24. I've always wanted try living in Manhattan or Boston.
25. I enjoy a good beer.
26. I eat the flesh of domesticated animals daily. Medium rare is my preference.
27. I worked on a ranch in Wyoming one summer helping cows and heifers conceive.
28. My first job out of college was as a Quality Assurance Manager at a meat packing plant. My favorite perk was getting free filet mignon whenever I wanted.
29. I write for
30. The name of my bowling team is The Dirty Rotten Posers.
31. I have a very dark sense of humor.
32. Dorothy Parker is my literary hero. She was a miserable human being in real life, but her writing contains a dry and biting wit I so enjoy.
33. The horse I've been riding lately is a Dutch Warmblood named Katanga.
34. I enjoy attending live music shows at small clubs.
35. I collect vintage clothing and jewelry.
36. Jack Vettriano's "The Singing Butler" hangs over my bed. I consider it to be one of the most romantic images ever painted.
37. Children make me uncomfortable. They are like kryptonite to my Super Man.
38. I avoid watching TV, but I have a cable modem.
39. Old Navy low-rise-boot-cut-stretch-denim jeans fit as though they were made specifically for me.
40. I would rather sever both of my Achilles tendons than pay $150 for a pair of jeans. What are you girls thinking?
41. I don't wear make-up every day.
42. When I was small I had an imaginary friend named Pockalot.
43. My Dad stretches dwarves and my Mom lasers hairy people.
44. I was bat mitzvah'd but I didn't have a party. I went to Israel instead.
45. I spent my freshman year of high school at a performing arts magnet entertaining dreams of stardom.
46. I'm allergic to bees and foam rubber.
47. I once stepped on a boyfriend's finger and broke it. It was an accident when it happened, but in retrospect I wish it had been on purpose.
48. I've ridden two real bulls in my life. The experience probably didn't last longer than six seconds combined, but I can still say that I've ridden two bulls (sort of).
49. I've never fired a gun.
50. I once drowned a car out of sheer stupidity.
51. Do I know you from MySpace? No? How about Friendster? No? Tribe?
52. I don't have any tattoos or piercings (with the exception of my earlobes).
53. I know how to swing dance and can follow the Cha Cha fairly well.
54. Yes, I have a Technorati profile. Link me sucka!
55. I am a wiz at putting together IKEA furnitue. The Allen wrench is my friend.
56. I don't like fish, but I'll eat sushi. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense.
57. I don't like eggs or bananas either.
58. I had my first kiss on the Santa Monica Pier when I was 17.
59. Yes, I know it's agnostic. The misspelling is on purpose. I work in advertising. Adnostic. Get it? Ha, ha.
60. I love Simple sneakers.
61. I don't subscribe to any magazines, but if I did, I would subscribe to Wired, Dwell, and Good in that order. I usually buy a copy of Wired and a bottle of water before I get on a plane.
62. I believe that good brands must also be good citizens.
63. I'll add more facts as they occur to me.